Your Focus Is Your Success...


Charlene Stays Focus - SCENARIO:

Charlene Johnson is 28 years old with no children. She has big dreams for herself. She is a well known fashion designer in her neighborhood but she wants to become a well known in the fashion industry. Charlene's fashion designs are shorts, dresses, low cut shirts and low cut jeans. Her clothing line is called "Cut Low Design." She is always thinking about different opportunities to find a way to brand herself. Charlene is a go-getter and she always stays focus, she refuse to let anyone stop her dream.

One day Charlene is at home designing her new design in the livingroom. When her boyfriend comes home from work, he walks in the door, looks at Charlene and shook his head. When her boyfriend is walking in the door, he notices all the fabric on the livingroom floor. He closes the door and continues to walk in the kitchen to see if Charlene cooked dinner. He immediately realizes that there is no dinner or anything cooked. He walks back in the livingroom very upset. Her boyfriend says, “Charlene, there is no dinner ready for me. I just got home from work. I can't believe this. All you do is sew at that sewing machine.” Charlene stops sewing and listen to her boyfriend speak to her. Charlene's boyfriend continues to say, “You will never get far with your designs. You should find you a job and let this sewing thing be a hobby, this is not a reality. We have bills to pay.” Charlene looks at her boyfriend and replies back, "Thank you for not believing in me. This is my dream and I will become a great and successful fashion designer one day. You suppose to be my support system and I get no support from you at all. Since I can't get any support from the person, I thought who had my back. I think we should just break up. I will not lose my focus and plus, I don't need a man who can't support me.” Her boyfriend is angry and says, “Well, I'm glad you said that because I am cheating on you anyway. I was going to leave you but I didn't know how to tell you.” Charlene continues to sew her design and glance at her boyfriend and says, “Bye.” Her boyfriend starts to gather his things and walks out the door.

A couple of weeks goes by and Charlene's clothing design is in a major fashion show. She is super excited. This is Charlene first major fashion show and this will give Charlene an opportunity to let celebrities see her design. Before the fashion show starts Charlene is super nervous when she sees so many people in the audience and she suddenly spots one of her old schoolmate sitting in the audience. She would never imagine that she would see Andre at a fashion show. He was a very popular in school. The shows starts and its time for Charlene's design. When her design hit the runway everyone is clapping and taking pictures. After the fashion show Charlene is overwhelmed with excitement because it was a success for her. As Charlene is packing up to leave Andre is walking up to her. Charlene stops packing her clothing and gives Andre a hug. Andre says, “Hey, Charlene your design is amazing. I loved it. I haven't seen you since high school. You look great. Here is my business card.” Charlene took the business card and put it in her purse and says, “Thank you and you still look the same.” Andre replies back, “I will like to meet with you tomorrow around 4pm.” Charlene is very confused about meeting Andre. She hesitated before she gave him an answer and then she says, “Ok, see you tomorrow.” Andre smiles and walks away. When Andre walks away Charlene continues to packing her things up.

The next day Charlene is getting ready to meet Andre and she takes out Andre's business card out of her purse. When she read the business card it reads “Owner of New York Designs.” Charlene is shocked. She immediately walks out the door gets in her car and drives over to Andre's business. When Charlene arrives she is extremely nervous because she doesn't know what to expect at the meeting. She slowly walks in and sees Andre at his desk. Andre is happy to see Charlene. Andre says, “Take a sit Charlene and let's talk.” Charlene sits down and started to listen to Andre. Andre continues to say, “I'm the Owner and President of New York Designs and I am looking for an amazing and awesome designer like you. Your design is superb. I want you to be my designer for all my celebrity clients. I can pay you a salary of 100,000/year.” Charlene starts to shake and says, “Yes, this is unbelievable.” “Great! We can start tomorrow and as your work progress, we can raise your salary. I want dedication and great work,” says Andre. Charlene gives Andre a huge smile and walk out.

Two years later, Charlene becomes one of the best fashion designers. She has won many awards and still works for New York Designs and have her own business with her design on the side. Charlene remain focus..and her dream becomes her reality.


Staying focus means to simply persist with the task at hand. You continue to work towards whatever it is that you need to do and ensure that you stay concentrated on that one activity.


When you have a dream remain focus so it can become your reality. Never let no one stop your focus. You have a target and you need to hit that bullseye. This is your dream and it will be your reality. You can do this just remain focus... YOLO.