You Have A Choice To Commit or Cheat..

Love Shouldn't Hurt❤


For years of our relationship you have been keeping me a secret and I have accepted that because I love you. I have accepted that you hide your phone at night and come home late. I accepted all of your excuses because I don't want to lose you. You never want people to connect us together. You tell me that you want your own identity and you don't want people to know your

personal business. You don't tell me you love me anymore like you use too. But at the same time on your social media you can tell your family and friends you love them but I am the hidden secret. You get upset and walk out and you don't want to communicate with me anymore.

I am crying every night because I cannot understand what I am doing wrong. As much as I tell you I am proud of you, love you, need you and happy for you. In turn, you tell me that I am not supporting you. You told me that you would be there for me and never hurt me. You told me that our love will be forever and no one can take my place. You understood every word I said to you and agreed when I told you, I wanted our relationship to be a long lasting relationship. I am starting to realize that you don't give a f**k about my feelings. You keep patronizing me and telling me you are an adult and you can do whatever you want. You tell me that I don't control you, I am jealous, I am insecure, I am selfish, I never want you to succeed, I don't care about how you feel and you can do and talk to whomever you want and these are the same things you say to a person who you claim you love.


A committed relationship should mean love is an unconditional love. You love that person with your whole heart. You have to recognize that there cannot be a relationship without commitment. Loving someone for 10 minutes is easy but the test is loving someone for a lifetime is the hard part. You have to ask yourself (a) can I stay faithful (b) can I make them feel wanted (c) can I respect my partner (d) can I STOP flirting with others and (e) can I make time for my partner.

If one or more of those questions are NO. You should not dedicate or commit your life to someone. If you feel that you are trapped or unhappy communicate with your partner explain to them how you feel. I know it will not be easy but I believe your partner rather have the truth than being denied by someone who suppose to love and cherish them.

Love is a commitment to protect another person's heart with the same passion that you use to protect your own. You cannot turn your feelings on like a light switch. You don't give up because TRUE love is about growing as a couple and learning from each other. When you feel like things are broken they can be fix. Great relationships aren't great because they have no problems, a great relationship is when you can communicate and you both care enough about your partner that you will find a way to work it out.


Cheating and committing to someone is a choice. When you truly love someone you will not be able to kiss, hold or make love to someone else without thinking about your loved one. Again, it's a choice and if you still move forward obviously you don't give a single f**k about your relationship.