You Don't Have To Be A Biological Parent To Love A Child or Children...


Jenna Realizes She Doesn't Need That Perfect Man

Jenna was always dreaming about having a child. She planned her life out in her mind, how old she will be when she starts to have a child, her child's name and what type of man she will have a child with in the future. When Jenna reached 26, Jenna decided it was time to make her plans work in action. She had a great job, a lovely home, and financially stable, but all she needed is to find a great father figure for her child. Jenna did everything possible to make sure she finds that perfect father figure. She went out to single activities, online dating, and blind dates, but unfortunately, Jenna still couldn't find that perfect man that she has always dreamed about in her mind. Jenna started thinking to herself if there were an ideal man that would make her happy. Time was flying by, and Jenna still hasn't found that man she is looking for to be the father of her child.
Then one day, Jenna was getting gas at a a gas station near her home that is when she met a gorgeous and handsome man named Felix. Jenna was very hypnotized about how amazing Felix's body looked to her. She noticed he was driving a nice car and he was well dressed, extremely fashionable. Jenna decided to take a chance to talk to Felix. When she walked over to Felix, Jenna was nervous, but she found the courage to approach him. Felix smiled at Jenna, and Jenna asked Felix for his number. Felix gave Jenna his number, and later on that day, they talked and had dinner together. Jenna was so excited that she finally met a man with whom she could have a child, and Felix seemed like a great father figure for her child. Every day and night, Jenna and Felix would spend time together. Then Jenna started to see some things that she didn't like about Felix. Jenna began to analyzing Felix. She started noticing he never went to work, he was always at her home, and when Felix is not at her home, Felix would disappear for days. When Felix is away, he would never answer his phone. Jenna was very suspicious about Felix. Jenna decided she would Google Felix to see if she could find anything about Felix. As Jenna googled Felix, Jenna found some horrible things about Felix. She found out that Felix had a terrible criminal record. Immediately she realized that Felix wasn't the right man for her or her future child. Jenna quickly called Felix and discontinued the relationship. Jenna was very disappointed that time was flying by and her plans are not working out for her.
Then one night, Jenna was lying in her bed watching tv in her bedroom, and she sees a commercial about adoption. As she was watching television, she started getting butterflies in her stomach. Jenna finally realized that she doesn't need to find that perfect man to have a child. The following morning, Jenna was super excited that she finally has her answers. She immediately got herself dressed and headed to the adoption agency. Jenna was overwhelmed because her dream is finally coming true. She has a chance to become a mother. When she reached the adoption agency, she had a choice to choose which child she wanted to love forever. It took six months for Jenna to get approved to become an adopted parent.
On Thursday at 2:00 PM on Jenna's 27th birthday, she becomes a parent to 1yr old Hailey Marie Johnson. Having a child on her birthday is the best birthday present that Jenna could ever have in her entire life. Jenna wants Hailey to have the best life. Jenna protects and loves Hailey unconditionally, and she gives Hailey a lot of her attention. Jenna becomes a great mother and a significant impact on her daughter's life. There is nothing that Hailey needs or wants because Jenna does everything possible to make sure she is always there for Hailey.
Years go by, and Hailey is a great child. She brings home good grades and participates in many activities at school. Jenna makes sure that she supports her daughter in everything she is doing in her life. Jenna and Hailey have an amazing daughter and mother bond. Every day Jenna thanks God for her beautiful blessings. Jenna knows now that she didn't need that perfect man to be that ideal father figure because God blessed her with her wonderful child.

When you are a parent or parents accept, love, and show affection to your child or children, even when they make mistakes or fall short of expectations, this is unconditional love.

Being a parent or parents takes a lot of patience and understanding when raising a child or children. Regardless of the child or children is your own or adopted, they are yours, and you have to learn how to support them to become a great person. There is nothing like having the love and the support from your parent or parents.