You Can Overcome


Ellen Has The Strength To Overcome THE SCENARIO:

Ellen is 56 years old and she is from Seattle, Washington. Ellen had a rough life growing up. Ellen was introduced to drugs by her friends at the age of 15. She started getting addicted to drugs at 19 years old. Ellen tried to wing herself off the drugs but she couldn't break the addiction. Ellen was so addicted that she has stolen money from her family, friends and even people she doesn't know. Around the age of 24, Ellen was pregnant by a guy who she had an one night stand with. Ellen didn't know the guy's name, where he lived or who he was. Nine months later a baby girl was born. Unfortunately, the baby girl had drugs in her system therefore, Ellen made a clever decision to give her baby up for an adoption. As the years past, at the age of 28, Ellen was arrested for having illegal drugs on her however, she had to go to jail for 2 years.

Two years later, Ellen was released from jail. When Ellen was released from jail she was 30 years old and Ellen wanted a more positive life. Ellen wanted to get on the right track but she still couldn't get off the drugs. Her family and friends didn't trust Ellen because of all Ellen's wrongdoings. They tried to get her help but Ellen refused to get help. Meanwhile, Ellen is still on the streets and still doing drugs. At the age of 36, she met this guy who became her pimp. Ellen started prostituting and getting paid with drugs or money. She didn't have a stable place to stay so Ellen would stay at motels with men, sleep on the streets or sneak in empty houses & apartments. Ellen prostituted for approximately 10 years and decided to get out of that type of business at the age of 46 years old. Ellen saw her life going down and she definitely wanted to make herself a better person. Ellen made another attempt to get herself off the drugs but it became too hard for her. She made a wise decision to complete the application to go to a rehabilitation program. She knew that this is going to be hard, yet she also knew she wanted to live. Ellen admitted herself to the program and she had to stay in rehab for one year.

A year later Ellen is clean and free of drugs. She kept herself away from people that she knew that would give her drugs or who is still doing drugs. Ellen felt that she needed to make a change in her life, she moves from Seattle, Washington to Charlotte, North Carolina to start a brand new life. Ellen has a brother in North Carolina who loves her very much and was willing to help her. As soon as a Ellen moved to North Carolina her life starts to get on track. She went to school for two years to get her degree as a registered nurse. Once she received her degree she became a registered nurse at a hospital. Ellen is getting her life together.

Ellen is now 56 years old. Ellen bought her a new home, she has been a registered nurse for 7 years and she has been drug free for 9 years. Ellen speaks at different rehabilitation centers to help adults who are addicted to drugs and she talks about her addiction to drugs and shares her life story. Ellen is not ashamed and she is truly blessed. Ellen's life has done a tremendous change. She has overcome her hardest challenges and made it. Ellen thank God every day for what she has accomplished.


Never be ashamed of your story and never discount the impact it may have in someone else's life. Let your mistakes and your failures inspire others to do better in their own life…then feel good about knowing that the things you overcame have helped inspire others for good.


Never be ashamed what you have been through. Your story may save someone else. Your life situations is something you can overcome and when you do you are blessed and had the strength. Thank God you are in a position to be strong. You are stronger than you think you are.