You Are The Only One Who Can Make Your Dreams and Goals Come True..


Tori Remain Focus For Her Son - SCENARIO:

Tori lives in Florida with her 3 years old son Brady. She has been a single parent for 2 years. She works at a library as a receptionist. Tori is making $7.50/hr and she wants to find a better job to provide for her son and herself. Tori knows that $7.50/hr is not enough to provide for food, rent and childcare. Tori remains focus on her goal and dream to make more money. Tori has a different mindset than her friends. Tori's friends loves to party and doesn't care about anything. Tori wants to have a better life.

One morning Tori is in bed with her son and she looks over at her son and that morning she decides to go to school. She didn't want to tell her friends because she didn't want any negative feedback. She calls different schools to see if she could take online classes in the evening. She finally finds a school that will allow her to take online classes and Tori is super excited. Tori stays focus on her mission. She will be taking courses to become a RN (Register Nurse).

Three months later Tori starts her online classes and she is doing great. Tori is going to work, taking care of her son and going to school online. She does this repeatedly. One of her friends calls Tori and says, “Tori, I haven't seen you lately. You have been missing in action. We are having parties and you aren't there.” Tori replies back, “Girl, I have been busy with my son and work. It seems like, I don't have time anymore.” Her friend asks, “What do you mean, you don't have time?” “It's not that. I just have alot going on right now,” says Tori. Her friend was silent on the phone and then she says, “Just remember, you are just like us. Life doesn't get any better than this and plus you don't want to lose your only friends.” Tori didn't reply to the statement but she says, “Well, I have to go and I'll talk to you later.” They both hung up. When Tori gets off the phone she replays back what her friend said in her head over and over. This is giving Tori more motivation to move forward towards her goal. Tori continues her online classes.

Two years later, Tori applies with the Florida board and she takes her RN license exam and passes with a 3.5 GPA. As soon as Tori sees that she passes, she immediately applies for jobs. In two weeks she receives a call back to work for a hospital called “Family & Patient Care Hospital.” Tori is super proud of herself. This is a new beginning for Tori. The following day she went to her interview and the hospital hires Tori on the spot. Tori went back to her old job at the library and resigned with a two weeks notice. Tori didn't feel any remorse because she wants to have a better life. After the two weeks is over Tori starts her new job. Tori is making $25/hr and she doesn't have to worry about daycare because her son is 5 years old now and he is in Kindergarten. Tori life is on the right track. A couple months later, Tori has a new home in a great neighborhood and she bought herself a brand new car.

One Tuesday afternoon Tori is driving in her new car and one of her friends sees Tori. Her friend yells, “TORI!” Tori heard her name and drives towards her friend. Tori pulls her car to the side of the street. Her friend walks up to the driver's side and says, “Well, look like you are living your best life. I see you have a brand new black Mercedes. I haven't seen you like 2 years or so. You totally disappeared on your friends. What? You have a new man or something.” Tori smiles and says, “No, I don't have a new man. It's just my son and I. I have a new job making more money.” “Well, let me borrow some money or let my kids and I stay at your place until I get myself together,” says her friend. Tori stares at her friend and says, “Let you and your five kids, stay with my son and I, this is not going to happen. Look, I have a new mindset. I don't want to party. I have a new life. I work hard for what I have. I have to remain focus on what I want in life. It was fun partying and stuff now, I have an opportunity to become a better person and a better example for my son. You can do the same as I did. Well, I have to go and pick up my son from school. You take care of yourself and I'll see you around.” Tori pulls off and her friend is standing there watching the car disappear.


To stay focus means to simply persist with the task at hand. To continue to work towards whatever it is that you need to do and ensure that you stay concentrated on that one activity. It isn't multitasking. It isn't daydreaming. It's focusing in on the task at hand and putting in the work to get it done.


You have to learn to remain focus to reach your goals and dreams. You are responsible for your own actions and determination to reach your goals and dreams. You have to watch your surrounding because you can't reach your goals and dreams if you are around negative feedback or energy. You have to change your mindset. Otherwise, you will stuck in the same place you started.