You Are Never To Old...


Its Betty Time To Shine- SCENARIO

Betty lives in Mississippi, she is 63 years old and she has raised three handsome triplet sons Adam, Alex and Andre. Before Betty had her sons she was living her life. She was a singer and she traveled the world. She almost signed with a record label until she found out she was pregnant by her road manager. At the beginning of her pregnancy things were fine until the last 7 months she had to go back to Mississippi and had to be bed rest. When she had her sons she felt that raising her sons is more important than pursuing her singing career. Therefore, Betty let everything go.

As her sons reached their adult years, she still felt that she should be there for her sons. Betty couldn’t get the memories out of her head and she thinks about the times she was on the road. Betty had to be there for her sons because the road manager, father of her sons was never in their lives. Betty didn't want her sons to feel neglected because their father wasn't there. Betty wanted her sons to have the best life and know that she loves them. Betty's sons knows that she has always been there for them. Betty sees how responsible, well mannered and handsome her sons has become and she is a very proud mother.

One day Betty was sitting outside on the porch in her chair that she had for years. One of her sons Alex comes outside and stands in front of his mother and says, “Ma, you are looking at your old album.” She smiles and says, “Yes, son I remembered these old days. I had a lot of fun. I mean, it was the best time of my life.” Betty laughed and Alex replies back, “You should try again. My brothers and I are 22 years old now we can handle ourselves.” Betty didn't say anything at first and then she replies back, “Son, No I am not going to try, I am too old and they are old memories.” Alex shook his head and walked back in the house. Betty was sitting in her chair thinking about what her son had said to her. Everyday Betty will think about what Alex had said.

Years went passed and Betty's sons moved out. Betty is sitting home alone. She didn't have anyone to take care of but herself. Alex decides to move to Baltimore, Maryland and Andre and Adam went to the Military. Betty does the same routine everyday. Then one day she decides to call her old friend who use to manage her bookings. She picks up the phone and dial the number. The phone keeps ringing and finally someone answers. “Hello, May I speak with Helen,” says Betty. “This is Helen,” replies Helen. Betty is a bit nervous, you can hear it in her voice. “Hey, Helen this is Betty,” says Betty. “Oh My God, Betty I am so glad to hear from you,” says Helen with excitement. “Look, Helen I know that I am 63 years old but all my life, I have been thinking about singing and as you know I had to raise my sons. Now my sons are grown and they all left and I'm ready to sing again. I want to live my life and this is what I love to do. I may be old but I still have my voice,” says Betty. Helen laughs and says, “Betty, I have been waiting years for you to call me and tell me you are ready. I am so happy you called me today. This is a great moment. I am so ready to get started,” says Helen. They both chat a bit and hangs up the phone. When Betty finished speaking with Helen she feels good. As soon as Betty hung up she gets a callback from Helen saying she is book tonight. Betty is so overwhelmed and happy. Betty didn't travel like she use too but she is having a blast. Betty is enjoying every moment and she feels like a star is born again.


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