Women Of Substance..


The Twins-Double Impact
Paris and France are identical twin sisters. They grew up doing everything together, including dressing up alike. People could not tell the sisters apart, which they thought people were hilarious. When the sisters reached adulthood, they began to change their lives and found their journey. Paris became more independent and found her journey. She became a positive influence for people, and she helped so many people to become better people. Paris became a woman of substance. She made a significant impact in everyone's lives that she met. She loves her journey and what she was doing for people. France became very hostile and jealous of her sister. She started doing drugs, and she had no meaning for her life.
One day Paris and France were visiting their parents, and Paris is in the kitchen talking to her mother about her new adventure. Paris will be speaking at a big convention, and she is very excited that she can impact over 500 people with a positive speak. France walked into the kitchen and overheard Paris talking to their mother. France says, “You think you are all that. Just because you are speaking to people doesn't mean that they will believe you or you will positively impact people. People don't care about what other people say.” Paris looks at their mother and shakes her head, and replies, “France, you are so negative, and it seems like you are jealous of me. You are never happy about what I am doing. Your life is your choice. You choose to do drugs, not me. I wanted to go another path, and I love what I do.”
France became furious with Paris and says, “JEALOUS...YOU THINK I AM JEALOUS OF YOU. I'M NOT JEALOUS. I THINK YOU ARE STUPID AND I THINK YOU ARE DOING THINGS THAT PEOPLE DON'T CARE ABOUT!” Paris calmly replies, “First of all, you don't have to yell at me, and second, I am sorry you feel that way, but I am happy the way I am and what I am doing. Unfortunately, you are happy the way you are, and if you are not happy with your life, you should change your life in a more positive way.” “DAMN YOU!” says France. France is so angry she runs out of her mother's house and slams the front door. Their mother didn't know what to say to the twins or how to react to the situation. Paris looks at her mother and says, “Ma, I'm sorry for what happened. I apologize for the both of us. I want France to know she can be better than that. She is so negative, and I don't know why.” Paris goes and kisses her mother on her forehead and leaves.
Later on, around 10:30 pm that night, France is on the street searching for drugs. As she walks down the street, a strange man decides to rob France at gunpoint to her head. The robber demanded France to give him all her money and her clothes. France starts to cry and did obey the robber's commands. Once the robber receives her money and clothes, he ran away. France is hysterical; she didn't know what to do. France is standing in the street naked and crying. One of her drug friends saw France crying and walks towards her. Her friend says, “France, this life is not for you. You have to get your life straight and find a better direction.” As her friend talks to France, she takes off her jacket and wraps France up with her jacket. France is still crying. France walks away and goes home.
The following day France is at Paris's apartment. She knocks on the door. Paris hears a knock, walks to her door, and takes a look at the peak hole. She sees it was France and wondered why she is at her door. Paris opens up the door and stands there with a slight attitude. She says, “France, I'm not going to argue with you today. I don't have time for this. You are my sister, my twin sister, and I am not going to disagree with you.” France starts to cry, and Paris is very confused because she doesn't know what is wrong with France. France is crying, and she replies, “I'm not here to argue with you. I am here to change my life. I don't want to be on the street anymore. Paris, that is not how I want to live anymore.”

Paris is shocked. She hugs her sister, starts to cry, and decides to let her sister come into her apartment. They talked about what happened to France and how France can change her life. Paris is right by her sister's side all the way.
A year later, Paris and France do optimistic speeches together. They both give back to their community and significant impact to their community. They are women of substance and independence with a great future. They give the world a double effect.

Women of substance are women of power, women of positive influence, and women of meaning. To be branded as women of importance is one of the greatest compliments one can give.

Women of substance have a significant impact. You don't have to be jealous of the next woman because she is doing something different from you. You both can work together and impact this world with a positive attitude and influence. We need to learn to work together instead of being competitive and outdoing the next woman. We are powerful women, so let's put our power together and make a better impact in the world.