Walk In Your Destiny....


Marie's Life: Tiny To Jaylin - SCENARIO:

Marie is from a small town in North Carolina. When Marie finished college, she decided to move to New York. Marie feels moving to New York would be a better opportunity for her. She wants to dance at School of Arts and become a dancer. Marie has been dancing since she was 3 years old. When she arrived in New York to stay with a friend things didn't turn out like Marie wanted to. Her friend's boyfriend didn't want her to stay with them. Marie had to make a quick decision to stay in New York or go back to North Carolina. Marie decides to stay in New York. Marie knows she has to find a place to stay until she can register for school and she needs to find a job. Marie did find a place to stay at an extended stay motel for a week or so and she had applied for jobs but no one is calling her back for an interview.

One day Marie is walking down the street and she sees a guy in baggy pants, white shirt and blue ripped jeans with white sneakers. When she passed him he follows her. Marie is getting scared because she notices someone is following her. Marie stops walking and turns around. When Marie turns around she immediately grabs her purse. “What's up? My name is Devin but you can call me Tiny. You are new around here. What's your name? Listen, I'm not going to rob you so you can let go your purse,” says Tiny. Marie hesitates to answer then she says, “My name is Marie.” “Hey, Marie. I want to get to know you better,” says Tiny. Marie thought to herself that she doesn't have any friends in New York and maybe Tiny can show her around. Marie replies back, “Sure, that's fine. We can hang out, I don't have any places to go but to my motel room.” Tiny smiles, grabs Marie's hand and walks her to a strip club nearby. Tiny tells Marie, “You are my b***h now. I owe you. You are going to be stripping for me at this club every night to make me some money. Your new name is Diamond.” Marie is scared, emotional and devastated. “She tells Tiny, "I am not working here. I don't want to work here.” Tiny laughs and says, “You don't have a choice.” Marie is very confused, she didn't know what had happened. Marie starts to cry. Tiny sees Marie crying and he slaps her in the face and tells her, “Get to work.” Marie walks in the back of the strip club in a dressing room with the rest of the girls. When she walks in the dressing room she sees a whole new life. One of the girls named Paris yells, “WE HAVE A NEWBIE!” Marie is nervous and uncomfortable. Paris walks up to Marie and says, “You must met Tiny, so you're his new chick now. You better get dress before he comes back here.” Marie gets dressed and it's time for her to get on stage. She is totally clueless about what to do on stage. Marie looks around the strip club and she sees people giving the other girls money and she glances over to Tiny and sees Tiny staring at her. Tiny yells, “DANCE B***H!” Marie immediately starts dancing. Every night Marie have to dance and Tiny takes all her money but 10% of it. Marie is ready to go to school but she knows if she leaves, there will be some consequences. Tiny is not going to let her leave.

A few months went by and one night Marie is at work at the strip club, she immediately notices a guy sitting there watching her. She is very aware that every night he is in the strip club and in the same spot every night she works. Marie decides to give him a lap dance and she walks over to him. He stops her and says, “I don't want a lap dance. I do want to take you out to dinner.” Marie knows that it is impossible to go out to dinner with him because Tiny is not going to allow it. She replies back, “I can't go out to dinner with you.” He immediately says, “Tiny.” Marie nods her head, yes. He gives Marie an address and says, “Here is my address..meet me after you get off work. It doesn't matter what time, I'll be waiting.” Marie put the address in her bra and as soon as she did Tiny walks over to Marie and the guy. Tiny says, “I hope you are paying Diamond well. She is top notch. One of the best we got.” They guy smiles and says, “Yes, I'm paying her very well.” Tiny walks away laughing. Marie looks at the guy and says, “Thank you.” The guys smiles and says, “Just meet me later.” He gets up from his seat and leaves.

Later that early morning around 2:30AM the club is closing and Tiny walks over to Marie and says, “Baby, you made me some good money tonight. You made daddy happy. Right now, I'm going to hang out with my boys so make sure you go straight to the motel room and don't leave. I will see you later.” Marie is disgusted and says, “OK.” Marie removes the address from her bra and ponders if she should go or not. She heads towards her motel room and make an u-turn in the other direction before Tiny sees her. She reaches the address and she sees a beautiful home. Marie slowly walks to the door and she knocks. The guy comes to the door and opens it. When she walks in she is amazed how beautiful the inside is. They both sat down on the couch in the livingroom and he says, “My name is Jaylin and it's such a pleasure meeting you outside your work.” Marie feels really comfortable with Jaylin. Marie and Jaylin talked all morning. Marie glances at the time and she knows Tiny is going to be angry. Jaylin sees how worried Marie looks and he asks, “Why are you with that guy Tiny? What can he do for you? You know you don't have to go back to that strip club, I will help you.” Marie didn't know what to say. She knows she wants to go to school and do better for herself but she afraid of Tiny. Marie starts to cry and says, “I'm scared. I'm so scared. I want a good life. I don't want to be a stripper. I want to go to school to become a professional dancer.” Jaylin hugs Marie and tells her, “Don't cry..you don't have to be scared anymore.” Marie didn't go back to her motel room or the strip club. Marie wants a better life for herself and she makes an expeditious decision to stay there with Jaylin. Tiny is searching for Marie and he gets angry because he couldn't find Marie.

Eight months later Marie and Jaylin is in a relationship. Jaylin helps Marie to go to school and she becomes a professional dancer. Marie hasn't seen Tiny in eight months until one afternoon she is walking to school. Tiny sees Marie and runs over to her and says, “Yo, B***h. Diamond, Where have you been? Like, you made me lose money. Do you know, I can broke every bone in your body?” As soon as Tiny raises his hand to slap Marie, Jaylin caught his hand. Jaylin says, “Yo Dude, Don't hit my girl. Her stripper life is gone so you step off. She's mines now.” Tiny is angry and says, “Oh, you can have the b***h. You can't turn a ho to a housewife. I have a new one.” Tiny walks off. Marie is shocked, she didn't know Jaylin was following her. She asks, “Why did you follow me?" Jaylin replies back, “I wasn't following you. I was making sure you were safe because I knew you had to come this way and I started to worry if Tiny would see you. I trust you. Just didn't trust him.” Marie gives Jaylin a hug. Jaylin walks Marie to school and he kisses her then leaves.

Marie is living her destiny. While in school she helps people to be motivate and inspire. Marie speaks to students about her situation with Tiny. She dances in plays, music videos, etc. Marie became a motivational speaker for young adults and she is walking in her destiny. Marie and Jaylin are still together.


Motivation is about moving people to act in a way that achieves a specific and immediate goal. When you're motivating people motivate in a positive way.

Be inspired by people who feel enthusiastic about their job, their life, or their family, and who convey their enthusiasm and good energy.


Walk into your destiny. We all go through situations and we find ourselves in some situations that is hard to get out of. But remain strong, inspire and motivate others by letting them know what you have been through in life challenges. You have a great DESTINY to conquer.