The Greatest Gift Is Our Child(ren)


Katrina & Andrew had a miracle - SCENARIO

Katrina and Andrew is a married couple who loves each other very much. They met on an online dating site. When they seen each other it was love at first sight. Katrina was 27 years old and Andrew was 30 years old. They have been married for 10 years with no children. Katrina and Andrew has been trying for 8 years to have a child and unfortunately nothing is happening.

One morning Katrina tells Andrew, "Babe, I think we should go to a fertility doctor to help us." Andrew didn't want to go to a fertility doctor because he wants to have a child naturally. Andrew didn't reply to Katrina. Katrina knows how Andrew feels but she feels this maybe the only way to have a child. "Andrew, I know you want to have a child naturally but we have been trying for 8 years and nothing is happening. Please do this for us," says Katrina. Andrew still didn't say anything. Andrew is walking around their apartment thinking about his decision and finally he says, "Yes, I want to have a child naturally but if they can help.. lets try it." Katrina is so happy and hugs and kisses Andrew. Soon after they hugged and kissed she instantly calls the fertility doctor's office to make an appointment.

Couple of days went by and its time for their appointment with the fertility doctor. Katrina is overwhelmed and overjoyed. Andrew is not to happy about it but he puts a smile on his face because he sees how happy Katrina is. They both gets dressed and heads to the car. They drives about 45 minutes away from their apartment to the fertility doctor's office. They arrives and walks in. They speaks to the fertility doctor and they both had to do different tests to figure out why they cannot have a child. The doctor talks to them in his office and says, "It will take about a week to get the results and once we do the office will give you a call." Katrina and Andrew is disappointed because they wanted the results right away but they both says, "Ok." They leaves the doctor's office. They didn't say a word to each other the whole time Andrew is driving to their apartment. They arrives at their apartment and walks in. For a week Katrina and Andrew is on the edge because they didn't know how the results will turn out. They both is nervous about the results. Finally, the doctor calls with the results. The doctor says, "Hello Katrina and Andrew I have the results. Katrina, everything is fine with you. I didn't see any problems for you to have a child. On the other hand, Andrew your sperm count is very low. This may be the reason why you haven't had a child yet. Now, we have a couple of options to help you to have a child but it can be expensive." Katrina says, "Thank you, doctor. We will call you back with our decision." Katrina hangs up the phone and looks at Andrew and notices he is wiping his face. Andrews is wiping his face with tears coming from his eyes and says, "I'm sorry, I didn't know it was me. For 8 years it has been me. How can I be a man and I can't have a child? How? We can't afford to pay to have a child. If you want to leave me for man who can give you what you want, I will understand." Katrina replies back with tears in her eyes and says, "Andrew, I love you more than anything in this world. No, we can't afford to pay. You are still a are my man. I am not leaving you and if we can't have a child..ok thats fine. As long as I have you." They kissed and have a sexual moment.

Months went by and Katrina starts to feel really sick and she is gaining weight. Andrew notices the difference in Katrina. He tells her, "Babe, you are gaining weight. How do you feel?" Katrina replies back, "I don't feel well. I'm sick. Please take me to the hospital." Andrew immediately stops what he is doing and rushes Katrina to the hospital. They arrives at the hospital, he picks Katrina up out of the car and run in the hospital. They submits Katrina to a room and do different tests on her. Andrew is walking around in Katrina's room nervous. The doctor comes with the results. He tells them, "Well, Katrina your blood pressure is high and I believe why your blood pressure is high is because you are 16 weeks pregnant.” Katrina and Andrew couldn't believe what the doctor has said. Andrew replies back, "Pregnant. You mean we are going to have a child." Katrina is crying and Andrew is pacing back and forth. The doctor says, "Yes." The doctor gives Andrew her prescriptions.

The following months they are so happy. They can't believe that they are having a child.

Then one late night Katrina is going into labor and Andrew rushes Katrina to the same hospital. Soon as they reaches the hospital, Katrina is having the baby and Andrew is such a proud man. The baby is born and its a babygirl. They named her Miracle. Miracle is so precious and cute. She brings so much joy in their lives. She is the perfect baby. She is perfect for them. Katrina is a happy mother and Andrew is the most amazing father. Miracle is very protected and loved unconditionally. Miracle is their miracle child.


To love unconditionally simply means that parents accept their children completely and without restrictions or stipulations. ... There is no spoken (or unspoken) message causing the child to think he has to be something other than what he is in order to be loved.

Love even when they show their flaws

True, unconditional love doesn't run away when things get tough. Someone who loves unconditionally not only loves the other person despite these flaws, but they also love them because of them.


Your child or children is a gift from God. You love them unconditionally regardless of their flaws. You treat them like they are diamonds. The greatest gift in this world. If you can't give them the love that is deserve. Please give the child or children to someone who can love unconditionally and who can protect them.