Sit Back & Relax..


Crystal Finds Her Peace - SCENARIO:

Crystal is a type of person who is always moving around. She can't stay in one place for too long. She is always busy with work, school or babysitting her sister's children. She works from 6am to 3pm and then goes to school from 4pm to 10pm after she finishes school she spends the night over her sister's apartment to babysit her nephews from 11pm to 4am. She never have time for herself.

One early morning Crystal is headed to work and she sees a friend named Carmen. Carmen is walking on the side of the highway in the grass because her car broke down. Crystal stops and gives Carmen a ride to work. They both work at the same place. They didn't talk in the car because Crystal is on the phone talking to her sister. When they arrived at work Carmen politely whispers, “Thank you.” Crystal didn't respond to Carmen, which Carmen thought it was rude but continues her day. During the day, Carmen is watching Crystal because Crystal is looking really exhausted and tired. Carmen walks over to Crystal and says, “Crystal, you look so tired. It looks like you haven't had any rest at all. You need to get some rest.” Crystal looks at Carmen with her eyes halfway close and replies back, “Girl, I have so much to do. I have to go to work, school and babysit my nephews. I don't have time to sleep or get any rest.” “Well, if you don't get any rest your body is going to lose energy,” says Carmen. “Thanks for being concern but I will be okay,” says Crystal. Carmen knows Crystal is not telling the truth but she walks away and continues to do her job. Nine hours later the shift is over and Carmen didn't see Crystal at the time clock to clock out for the day. She looked all over for Crystal. Carmen decides to walk to the second break room and there she finds Crystal in the corner on the floor sleep. Carmen wakes up Crystal and Crystal didn't realize she fell asleep. Crystal stands up and clocks out and go to school. Carmen finds herself another way home with another co-worker.

The next day Carmen is in the break room waiting to clock in and Crystal walks in looking exhausted. Crystal didn't say anything to Carmen. It was time for them to clock in and they both clocked in. Then Carmen starts to get really concern about Crystal. Crystal is falling asleep at her desk and Carmen is afraid that the boss will fire Crystal if the boss sees Crystal sleep. All day Carmen is trying to keep Crystal awake. Finally, work is over and it's time to go home. They both clocked out. It was raining super heavy. They didn't want to get wet so they both were standing by the door to wait for the rain to stop. Carmen glances over to Crystal and says, “Crystal, it would be nice if you could take me home.” Crystal thought about it and says, “Sure, but in this rain.” Carmen laughs and says, “Yes in this rain.” They both runs to Crystal's car in the rain. They both are laughing as they are closing the car doors. Crystal drives Carmen to her apartment. Carmen tells Crystal to come in. Crystal is hesitant because she has to go to school. Crystal decides to go in Carmen's apartment for a few minutes but as soon as Crystal walks in Carmen's apartment she gets a notification that school is closing because of the rain. Carmen says, “This is a sign that you need to relax and take a break. You are doing too much. Your body is shutting down. This is not healthy for your body. Listen to this rain. The rainfalls is so soothing and relaxing.” Crystal started listening to the rainfalls and she lays down on Carmen's couch. Crystal starts to feel relaxed and she has a peace of mind. As the rainfalls are hitting the roof, windows, cars, etc. Crystal falls asleep. As Crystal is sleeping Carmen turns off Crystal's cellphone so she will not be disturbed.

The next morning Crystal wakes up and notices its morning. Crystal notices that her cellphone is shut off. She knows her sister is going to be upset with her because she didn't babysit her nephews. Crystal turns on her cellphone and she has 54 missed calls from her sister. Crystal calls her sister back but her sister didn't answer. Crystal got her things to walk out Carmen's apartment but before she did she left a note that said: “Carmen, you are such a great friend. I want to thank you. That was the best sleep I had in a long time. I felt peaceful listening to the rainfalls and it felt really good. Thank you. Your Always Friend Crystal.” Crystal left and went to her sister's apartment.

When Crystal arrives at her sister's apartment her sister is really upset. As soon as Crystal got out of the car her sister runs to her furious. Her sister yells, “CRYSTAL, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU. YOU DIDN'T COME LAST NIGHT TO WATCH MY KIDS. I HAD TO CALL THEIR FATHER.” Crystal replies back calmly, “Look, I apologize that I wasn't here last night to babysit my nephews. But I had peace last night and I feel I have been overworking myself. So, I am suggesting that you find you a new babysitter because I am not doing it anymore. I am going to go to school and get my degree. Babysitting is a bit much. I love you but I need to focus on me and have some peace in my life.” As soon as Crystal finished talking to her sister she went to her car and drives off. Crystal's sister stood there watching her drive away.

Crystal felt good about what she said to her sister. Now everytime it rains Crystal finds a spot to relax and listen to the rainfalls.


According to Harris, steady rainfall noises help lull the brain into falling asleep, block outside noises, and frequently induce a more meditative state that brings on relaxation.

According to studies when rain sounds enter our brain, our brain unconsciously relaxes and generates alpha waves, resulting in a state similar to sleep. The sound of rain helps us relax and we feel comfortable.


Sometimes finding your peace can be as simple as listening to the rainfalls. Listen to something that relax your mind and have peace in your surroundings. Soothing music is another way to relax. There are so many ways to relax. We all need that peaceful atmosphere and surroundings.