Respect, Loyalty & Love..


Mia Can't Take It Anymore - SCENARIO:

Mia and Aaron has been dating for two years and decides to live together. Mia is a very sweet person. She believes in loyalty and honesty. Aaron is very blunt, rude, dishonest and manipulative. They love each other but Mia feels that Aaron should change his behavior.

One day Mia and Aaron is walking in the park holding hands. A young lady walks by in a bikini top and shorts. Aaron immediately let go Mia's hand to look at the young lady. Mia notices that Aaron quickly let go her hand but she didn't know why. Mia thought she had something on her hand. She starts to examine her hand to make sure she didn't have anything on it but when she looked up, she sees Aaron looking at the young lady walking by. Mia asks, “What are you looking at? Do you like what you see?” Aaron didn't respond. Mia taps Aaron on his right shoulder and says, “Aaron..Aaron.” Mia starts to get frustrated and walks away. Aaron quickly notices that Mia walked away and he runs behind her. Aaron asks, “What is wrong with you? Why did you walk away like that?” Mia is so frustrated and yells, “BECAUSE YOU ARE SO DISRESPECTFUL!” Aaron acts clueless, as if he didn't know what Mia is talking about and he says, “Huh? Disrespectful..I wasn't being disrespectful.” Mia is getting angry and says, “Nevermind, lets go home.” They walked home.

Two days later Mia is laying on the couch in the livingroom watching TV and waiting for Aaron to come home but Aaron didn't come home until late. Mia falls asleep on the couch and when Aaron finally came home, he walks in the door at 4:00AM. Mia hears Aaron coming in the door and she immediately wakes up. She yawns and asks Aaron, “What time it is?” Aaron hesitates and says, “Its 4:00AM.” Mia is shocked and says, “What... 4:00AM. You are walking in the door at 4:00AM.” Aaron replies back, “Yep, one of my friend's car broke down and he asked me for a ride. When I took him home we talked for a bit.” Mia didn't believe Aaron at all. Before Mia could say anything back to Aaron his cell phone rings. Aaron looks at the number but didn't answer it. Mia knows it is strange because Aaron always answers his cell phone. Aaron's cell phone keeps ringing and ringing. Mia shouts, “ANSWER YOUR PHONE!” Aaron replies back, “Its probably my friend trying to make sure I made it home.” Aaron's cell phone keeps ringing repeatedly and Mia answers, “Hello.” A young lady replies back, “Hey, I'm calling to make sure if Aaron made it home safely.” Aaron didn't know what to say. Mia is very upset and she replies to the young lady, “Yes, Aaron made it home safe and to let you know, I'm Aaron's girlfriend. Thank you for being concern about Aaron.” The young lady is very apologetic and says, “I'm truly sorry. I didn't know he had a girlfriend. Aaron didn't tell me that. Again, I truly apologize.” The young lady hangs up. Mia stands by Aaron with the cell phone in her hand. Mia looks at Aaron with disgust and anger. Mia throws the cell phone at Aaron and says, “That is the last time. I'm done.” Aaron says to Mia, “Please, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.” Mia replies back with tears in her eyes and says, “I love you Aaron. I don't understand because I give you the respect that you need but you don't give me the respect that I deserve. I am loyal to you but you can't commit to me fully. I thought we had something special. We could have been that power couple but we can't be a power couple when I am giving you 100 percent and you are only giving me 30 percent.” Mia goes into their bedroom and pack her clothes. She walks to the door with a bag in her hand. She turns around and says, “I will get the rest of my things tomorrow.” Mia walks out the door and leaves. Aaron didn't say anything he just watched Mia leave.

The following day Mia gets all of her things. She gives Aaron a goodbye kiss and leaves. Mia is single and focusing on herself. She is searching for a man who is going to give her love, loyalty and respect that she deserves.



Loyalty is faithfulness, avoiding temptation and being faithful in all of your promises by keeping your word, following through on your plans and sticking with your partner til the end.


When you are in a relationship you have to respect your partner. There is nothing like showing your partner what they mean to you. There has to be loyalty in a relationship. If you want your partner to be commit to you fully, you have to show them they can trust you. If you dont have any trust in a relationship you don't have a relationship. Love your partner, commit to your partner and respect your partner. If you can do that your relationship is going to be amazing.