Protect Your Child(ren) First...


Renita Protects Her Son

Renita has been living in Norfolk, Virginia, with her 11-year-old son Reggie for seven years. Renita wanted to start a new life, and she decided to move to Richmond, Virginia, with her son. She wanted to make sure her son had a good school because he was having trouble in his previous school. He would get into fights and bring home bad grades. Renita could never keep a job because she had to take off work to go to her son's school all the time. She was determined to find a better school for her son. Reggie couldn't stay out of trouble. He would get into trouble all the time. He would skip school, wouldn't do his schoolwork, or he would get suspended from school.
When Renita arrived in Richmond, Virginia, she was thrilled. She knew it was a great move and a new beginning. She found a great location to live, a great school, and a great job. A few months went by, and she sees a massive change in Reggie. Renita noticed that his grades were getting better and he loves going to school. Reggie met great friends. They were living the dream. Within three months, Renita got a promotion on her job and became the Assistant Manager. She was super happy. Everything was going great for both of them, but Renita was getting lonely because she missed the championship. She wanted someone she could share her life with because she was tired of being alone. Renita feels that this was the perfect time in her life.
Thursday at 10:00 AM, Renita was in her office, and she sees her Manager walk by her door. Renita was secretly in love with her Manager, but she didn't want to mix business with pleasure.  Renita felt it wouldn't be appropriate for the office. The Manager came back and walked into Renita's office, and closed the door. He asked Renita to go to lunch with him, and Renita immediately agreed. She was super excited about her lunch date with her Manager Jake. She couldn't do any work at all. Renita kept looking at the time. Two hours went by, and it's time for lunch. Renita quickly got her purse and waited for Jake at the front office door. Jake walked out of his office and saw Renita at the door, and he smiled. When they went out to lunch, they had a very excellent lunch and a fantastic conversation. Since that first lunch date, Renita and Jake would have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together almost every day. Jake would go over to Renita's apartment and spend the night. He would leave clothes at her apartment.
One afternoon after school Reggie was coming home from school, and he sees Jake's car in the parking lot. He walked into his apartment, and Jake was sitting down on the couch in the living room watching TV. Reggie started walking towards his bedroom, and Jake called Reggie back to him. Reggie put his backpack down and walked back to Jack. Jack says, “Look, Reggie, I'm going to be the new man here. You have a new daddy, so get ready for it. I need you to get out of the way because I am going to marry your mom.” Reggie was getting upset and replied, “I don't need a daddy.” Jack stood up from the couch, walked over towards Jake, put his finger in his face, then took his hands and choked Jake around the neck. Jake says, “Don't cross me. I will hurt you, and you better not tell your mom.” When he heard the door opening, Jake let go of Reggie's neck, and Reggie ran into his bedroom and slammed the door. Renita walked in smiling and kissed Jake.
Within a year, Jake moved in with Renita and Reggie. Reggie started being closed in and not being himself. Reggie was not as happy like he was before Jake moved in. Renita started to notice her son's behavior. Every time Renita is not home, Jake would abuse Reggie physically, mentally, and sexually. Renita was getting very suspicious because Reggie and Renita had a close relationship.
One Saturday morning, Jake went to work. Renita thought this would be a perfect time to spend time with Reggie. Renita knocked on Reggie's bedroom door. Reggie didn't answer the door. Renita opens Reggie's bedroom door and walks inside, and Reggie was naked, lying on top of his covers with his lips bleeding. She rushed to Reggie and asked, “What happened to you? Who did this?” Renita was crying. Reggie was shaking. He says, "Jake." Renita couldn't believe it. She was so shocked. As Renita examing Reggie, she could see bruises all over his body. Renita became furious. As she holds Reggie in her arms, she was crying. She helped Reggie to get dressed and took him to the hospital. As Renita waited patiently, all she could think about is what she will do to Jake.
At the hospital, the doctor gave Renita the results, and Renita was devastated. She decided to take the situation into her own hands. She immediately went home, set up a video recorder, walked into Reggie's bedroom, and put pillows in his bed to make it look like Reggie was in his bedroom. She ran outside and drove her car to a different location. She immediately ran back into her apartment and hide in Reggie's bedroom closet. When Jake walked into the apartment, he noticed that Renita wasn't there. He immediately stepped into Reggie's bedroom. He says, laughing, “Hey Reggie, your daddy is home. Your mom is gone. It's time for daddy to have some fun time.” Renita was in the closet with her hands over her mouth, trying not to say a word. Jake walked over to the bed and about to pull the cover off, but his cell phone rings and he walked out to answer it. Jake immediately got his car keys and left. As soon as Jake left, Renita opens the closet door and fell on the floor crying. She started getting herself together, and she immediately got the video and took it to the police station. When the policemen saw the video, they arrested Jake immediately. Renita had to protect her son Reggie.
Four years past and Jake was in prison. Renita never wanted another man to stay in her home. Reggie and Renita got a closer bond. Reggie is going to counseling and doing great in school. Renita is very cautious when she meets people. She wants to make sure her son is protected.

When you save your child(ren), you protect as measures to prevent abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence affecting your child(ren). Protecting means safeguarding your child(ren) from harm.  

As a parent(s), we have to protect our children or child. Regardless of who you have as a significant other, if they hurt your child(ren), you have to do everything to protect them. No man or woman should come before your child or children. You are responsible for making sure they are safe. You have to be very cautious about who you are letting into your life, especially if you have a child or children. Therefore, don't let anyone in your life they are harming your child or children. Believe your child or children and ask questions.