Overcome Your Challenges...


Robin Tries To Find Her Mother- SCENARIO:
Robin grew up with her father. She never had a chance to know her mother because her mother left when Robin was nine months old. Her mother wanted to be free and didn't want to be a wife or a mother. When Robin was growing up, she had a wonderful childhood. Her father made sure that Robin had everything she needed. Robin didn't miss a beat. Playing different sports kept Robin busy, and her father went to every game. Robin was a happy child, but she was missing a big part of her life. She didn't have a mother. Some days when Robin would go to school, she would see her friends with their mothers. They would ask Robin about her mother, but Robin would ignore them. There were many days that Robin would go home and cry about it. Every time her father would comfort her.
As Robin becomes an adult, she is still missing a big part of her life. Robin challenges this missing part of her life every day. She would never know why her mother left. Robin constantly asks her father, but he tells her that her mother wanted to be free and live life alone. All her life, she only knew what her father had said to her. Robin wants to learn more about her mother and the real reason why her mother left them. She wanted to know her mother's side. Every night and day, Robin thinks about it. She wonders if she looks like her mother. She wanted to see if she acts like her mother.
One day Robin is cooking breakfast for her father as her father walks into the kitchen and sits down at the table to eat his breakfast. Robin says, “Dad, I'm going to look for my mother. I feel that I have to. I want to know her side of the story. I want to know why she left. I have to know.” Robin's father put his head down and then looks at Robin and didn't say anything. Robin stares at her father and asks, “Is there something you need to tell me, Dad?” Her father still didn't say anything. He stands up and tells Robin, “Honey, please do whatever that makes you happy.” Her father walks out of the kitchen and walks outside, and leaves. Robin knew her father wasn't telling her everything, and she becomes more intrigued about it.
Two days later, Robin starts her search for her mother.  When Robin is searching for her mother it becomes very challenging and complicated because her father wouldn't give her all the information she needs to find her mother. Robin search and search, and Robin came across a name that seems familiar, Wendy Thompson. Robin knows that she heard the name or saw that name before. Robin couldn't ask her father because he doesn't want to be involved. Robin sees a phone number, and she decides to call the number. She calls the number; as the phone is ringing, Robin starts to get butterflies in her stomach. Finally, someone answers, and Robin says, “Hello, my name is Robin Whitfield, and I would like to speak with Wendy.” The person on the other end didn't say anything. She could hear the person breathing on the phone. Robin says, “Hello.” The person finally says, “This is Wendy. How did you get my number?” Robin replies, “I have been searching for my mother, and I have heard this name before or seen it.” Wendy starts crying on the phone and says, “Robin, I am your grandmother. I am your mother's mother.” Robin is very emotional and starts to ask questions. They talked for hours on the phone. After they finished speaking, they both hung up. Robin starts to feel a little complete. Robin has a big obstacle ahead of her, but she is up for the challenge. Every day Robin and her grandmother talk on the phone.
One day Robin decides to visit her grandmother to get more answers about her mother. Robin wants to see photos of her mother. Her father was afraid that Robin would get disappointed, but he lets her go and do what she feels in her heart. Robin drives six hours to see her grandmother, and when Robin arrives at her grandmother's home, her grandmother is on the porch, and she becomes insulting. She asks Robin, “Why did you come here? You didn't tell me you were coming.” Robin is shocked that her attitude was different over the phone. Robin thought she would be happy to see her.
When Robin gets out of her car, she sees a woman inside the home. The woman walks out of the house, and Robin immediately knew that she was her mother. She looks at the woman and notices features of herself. Robin asks, “Are you, my mother?” The woman says with tears in her eyes, “No, I'm not your mother.” Robin feels the connection, and she knows in her heart that she has to be her mother. The woman says, “I don't know where your mother could be at the moment. I haven't seen her for years. Sorry.” Robin couldn't believe that her mother is lying to her. Robin gets back in her car and starts to cry. She leaves and heads back home with her father. When she returns home, her father sees his daughter in tears. He hugs his daughter and says, “Honey, I know this is hard. You are an adult now, and there is going to be a lot more challenges in life. I'm sorry you are going through this. I am here, if you need me.” Robins cries in her father's arms.
Later on that day, Robin is sitting in the living room watching TV with her father. The home phone rings, and Robin answers the phone. When she picks up the phone, she could hear breathing on the phone. The woman's voice says, “Hello, is this Robin.” Robin replies, “Yes, this is Robin.” The woman's voice says, “You are beautiful, and I always loved you. I'm sorry.” Robin immediately knows it was her mother. She knew the woman she saw was her mother. Robin replies, “Thank you for calling me. I want you to know that I look like my mother.” Robin could hear the woman crying on the phone, and all of a sudden, the woman hung up. When Robin gets off the phone, she feels completely free. She didn't get the answers she wanted, but Robin did have a chance to see that she looked like her mother. Her father asks, “Who was that on the phone?” Robin smiles and says, “My mother.” Robin and her father continue to watch TV.

Life is an uncertain roller coaster sometimes.  Challenges in life are a given, and they sometimes can be used to your advantage. Each one is an opportunity for personal growth and self-improvement. The goal is to use what you learn as you grow to become the best version of yourself.

When we are growing up, we do not realize how many challenges we will have when we reach adulthood. They are many situations that we will face as we grow. They will be complicated and challenging, and we have to overcome them. We may not get all the answers that we are looking for in certain situations. Once we cross one obstacle, that is another stepping stone we crossed to find our peace. Just know we will have more problems than a little bit. We have to understand how to overcome one step at a time.