Love Who You Love


A Mother Who Tries To Change Her Daughter..

Crystal and Donna have been in a relationship for 15 years. They have been through turmoil during their 15 years. Crystal and Donna's family turned their backs on them. People have been cruel to Crystal and Donna for their relationship, especially Donna's mother. They both love each other so much that they never let anyone come between them. They kept their love strong because they wanted to be happy together.
One afternoon, Donna's mother decided to set up a blind date for Donna with a male colleague. Donna's mother invited Donna over to her home for lunch. The male colleague was exciting to meet Donna. He waited for Donna at Donna's mother's home. When Donna pulled up in her mother's driveway, she saw an extra car that she wasn't familiar with at all. Donna parked her vehicle but very hesitant to go into the home. She walked into her mother's house and saw the man sitting on the couch in the living room. Donna stood at the front door because immediately Donna knew her mother had something up her sleeve. When her mother saw Donna, she ran to her, gave her a huge hug, and introduced her to her colleague. Donna wasn't impressed by the gentleman. She shook his hand and sat down on the couch in the living room. Donna was distraught with her mother because her mother knows that she is madly in love with Crystal. She has loved Crystal for a long time. Donna's mother kept pushing Donna and the gentleman to have a love connection. Donna wasn't interested, but her mother kept pushing and pushing for the two to connect in a romantic relationship. The gentleman knew that he was wasting his time, so he decided to leave. The gentleman hugged Donna's mother and left. Donna was still upset with her mother, and as soon as the gentleman left, Donna says, “Mom, that was unexpected and wrong. You are trying to set me up with a man. You know I love Crystal with all of my heart. Crystal is my soulmate, soon to be my wife, and I love her Mom. I don't want a man or anyone. Crystal is who I want and who I love.” Donna's mother stood there and listened to every word and replied, “You are crazy. A woman is not going to take care of you like a real man. I want grandchildren, and how do I suppose to have grandchildren with a woman. I was only trying to help. Yes, you have been with Crystal for 15 years, but I think you are 15 years confused. I'm not too fond of it and will never like it. So you need to decide, Crystal or me.” Donna is heartbroken because she couldn't believe her mother gave her an ultimatum. She couldn't believe that she had to choose between her mother or the love of her life. Donna became overwhelmed, and tears started to come down her cheeks. She hugs her mother and says, “I love you, Mom, but it's not fair that you are making me choose between you and my love. I told you, I love Crystal, and she has been there for me when no one else has been there for me. Even you, Mom. You have turned your back on me many times, especially when you found out I was a lesbian. I choose Crystal.” Donna's mother was furious, and Donna's mother screamed, “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!” Donna immediately walked towards the door and stood there and says, “I feel sorry for you, Mom, because you can't accept me for who I am. I am still your daughter. I will not do everything you want because this is my life. I shouldn't be judge by my mother. You are the last person I thought would judge me. Some people are judging me and don't even know me. I love you, Mom. Take care of yourself, and if you need me, I am a call away.” Donna leaves heartbroken.
Later on that day, Donna walks into her apartment very disappointed. Crystal noticed Donna and quickly became concerned about Donna. As soon as Donna saw Crystal, she started crying. Crystal asked, “What is wrong? Why are you crying, honey? Did something happened?” Donna told Crystal about the conversation she had with her Mom and what had happened at her mother's home. Crystal was upset, but she knew Donna's mother never wanted them to be together. Crystal and Donna cry together, and soon after, Donna gives Crystal a big hug and kiss. Donna says, “Crystal, thank you for loving me and being here for me. I love you.” Crystal smiles.
The next day, Donna has a new outlook and knows that her world is complete as long as she has Crystal. She stopped worrying about who accepts their relationship. They knew as long as they are happy, nothing else matters. Donna realized that she couldn't make her mother accept her choices in life but pray that one day her mother will come around and be a part of her life.
When you have acceptance, it shows an ability to see that others have a right to be their own person. They have a right to have their own relationship, feelings, thoughts, and opinions. When you accept people for who they are, you let go of your desire to change them.

You have to learn how to accept a person for who they are, regardless of their lifestyle.  He or she is still the same person. Especially if you are a parent, love your child(ren) regardless of how you think you want them to live their life. When you are accepting, you are giving yourself a chance to know the person. Giving a person a chance to be herself or himself is a significant impact and benefit.