Love Is Love


The Three Best Friends Lives-Judgemental Families

Three roommates have been friends for a long time, ever since elementary school. They have been going through so much in their lives together. They have been neglected, abused, tortured & disowned. Their parents, schoolmates, family, or other friends didn't want to accept them for who they are or what they want to do with their lives.
When Stanley was a kid, he knew he was different. He didn't want to play sports like his brothers. Stanley wanted to stay home and sew because Stanley wanted to make beautiful things. When he was in elementary school, he would sneak into his parents' bedroom and put on his mother's heels and lipstick until his father caught him. His father was so furious he would take a belt and abuse Stanley every day. His father was embarrassed by Stanley. As Stanley reached high school, he became timid because the students at the school would tease him. The students would call Stanley names, beat him up, and Robin and Brittany would protect Stanley. Stanley couldn't get away from the abuse. He would go home and get abused by his father and then go to school to get beaten by the students. Stanley couldn't take it anymore, this was his last year of high school and he decided to move out of the home with his parents and move in with his friends Robin and Alan. That is when Stanley met Andre. Andre was the next-door neighbor of his friends' apartment. He knew staying with his friends would be a lot better. Andre was immediately attracted to Stanley. Stanley didn't know how to feel towards Andre's advances. Until Andre approached Stanley and says, “Stanley, you are so fine. I want to get to know you better.” Stanley was shocked because he didn't think anyone likes him but his friends. Stanley and Andre started to date, and now five years later, they are madly in love and very happy. Stanley doesn't care if his family doesn't accept him because he has a man who loves him for him. Stanley is now a wedding fashion designer who brings home over 250M a year.
Brittany grows up in a household that her parents refuse for their daughter to date a different race. When Brittany was in elementary school, she could only have Caucasian friends. Brittany could not have African Americans as friends until she met Robin, an African American who came to the new school from New York City. Brittany and Robin became friends right away, but unfortunately, Brittany had to hide her friendship from her parents. Robin would ask Brittany to come over to her house to spend the night, but Brittany would reject her. Robin never knew why but she was happy she had a great friend like Brittany.  When they went to high school, Brittany started telling her parents little lies about staying after school for projects, and Brittany would go over to Robin's house. When Brittany would go over to Robin's house, she would meet up with Robin and her brother Alan. Brittany was head over heels for Alan. She would walk with him to school and eat lunch with Robin and Alan. One day in school, Robin asked, “Brittany, why don't you ever asked me to come over to your house? And why do you always lie to your parents about coming to my house?” Brittany puts her head down and replies, “Robin, I am so embarrassed. My parents don't believe in mixing colors well races together. They feel I should be with a white man because I am white. That is not fair. Love is love, and it shouldn't matter who you love as long as they love you.” Robin puts her left hand on Brittany's head and says, “sorry, you have to go through that.”
As they were standing in the hallway, as soon as they finished talking, Alan runs over and says, “Wassup! Brittany, you ready to go to lunch.” Brittany smiled, and Robin looks at her brother and replies, “Have fun, you two. See you later.” Alan grabs Brittany's hand, and they walked to lunch. After school, Brittany goes home. When she walked in the door, her parents are standing by the living room table. “Brittany, have a seat,” says her father. Brittany noticed her father was angry. She took a seat, and she glances at her mother. Her father says, “I can't believe you. I told you that you are not allowed to date, black boys. This family can not allow this behavior in our home, and I refuse to accept my daughter dating a black boy. I do not want to mix children in this family. We are pure white in this family. People are talking around town. They tell me that you are holding hands, kissing, and going over to his house with his sister. Now I must ask you if you are having sex with this black boy.” Brittany glanced at her mother again and put her head down, and quickly she raised her head and replies, “Dad, I love him. I love his sister too. We have been best friends since elementary school. I use to sneak over to their house because I knew you didn't accept it, but I didn't want to lose them. I am sorry for how you think. My friends' race is just a color. It shouldn't matter. I love Alan, and I am going to be with him if you like or not. I am sorry. I love you too. Dad, you have to learn time has changed these days.” Brittany's father was so devastated he replies, “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!”
Brittany is very shocked, and she looked at her mother. Her mother put her head down and didn't say a word. Brittany went and packed up her clothes and left. She went to Robin's house, where Alan and Stanley were staying as well. When Brittany knocked on the door, Alan answered the door, and Brittany cried in his arms. She told him what had happened, and he stuck by her side. Now five years later. Brittany and Alan have a 2-year-old baby girl, and they are married. Alan is a great father, and Brittany is a terrific mother. They love each other very much, and Alan treats Brittany like a queen and a beautiful daughter like a princess. They have a strong relationship. Brittany's parents have never seen her daughter.
When Robin came to her new school in elementary, she immediately became friends with Stanley and Brittany. She was a black kid from New York City. Everyone wanted to know about Robin. Robin was quiet but very outgoing with Stanley and Brittany. These three would protect each other, and they were always there for each other. When they got into high school, they all were still the best of friends. Even though Stanley was going through his problems and Brittany was going through hers. Robin had issues too. Robin was always depending on her brother Alan a lot. Alan was the only one in the family that knew Robin was a lesbian. Robin would pretend that she like guys for her mother's sake. But the whole time, she would date girls behind her mother's back. Alan and Robin would go out and met girls at their homes. Alan was a player until he and Brittany became very serious in their relationship. That meant Robin had to go out by herself.
One day Robin went out and met a young lady named Dorin. She was older than Robin, but she wanted Robin. Robin had the hots for Dorin. So Robin decided to move in with Dorin, and she took her brother Alan with her. About a year, Robin decides to tell her mother about her situation. She went over to her mother's house and had a deep talk with her. Robin says, “Ma, for a long time, I was afraid to tell you that I am a lesbian. I tried telling you, but I didn't know how you would take it. I am now living with my girlfriend. I want you to accept her and accept me for who I am.” Robin's mother sigh and replies, “Look, Robin, I don't accept it, and I pretty sure your brother knew about it. I am disappointed at this because I wanted some grandbabies from you. I thought I would see you get married to a man that would love you. If you are in love with this woman, then I have to accept it. You are my child, and I love you.” Robin looks at her mother and says, “Ma, I can still have all those things, but just with a woman, nothing changes.” Robin's mother shakes her head and kisses Robin. Robin leaves and goes back to her home. As soon as she walks in the door, Dorin asks, “How did it go?” Robin stares at Dorin and kisses her, and says, “Good.” Dorin and Robin get engaged, and they invite Robin's mother. They are praying she comes to their wedding. Dorin and Robin are super excited about their future. They found true love.
All three of the friends are happy. Even though they went through a lot in their lives, they all found love.

Being in love with someone is about how they make you feel. Being in love is about how you make them feel.  Loving someone means you are only concerned with how he or she makes you feel loved, special or appreciated. Being in love means you worry about making him or her feel loved as well because that's equally as important to you.

Love is Love. It shouldn't matter the race or gender of a person. If that person shows you that they love you, then nothing else should matter. People are so quick to judge who a person should be within a relationship. If the relationship is healthy, why does it matter who they are with and why they are happy? It's their lives, and they are satisfied with how things are going.  When people are so judgmental, it tells people that you are not happy with your life. Being who you are and not trying to please everyone is excellent. You are able and suppose to love who you love. There is nothing more remarkable than to be loved by who you want to be loved by and have an excellent relationship with the one you love.