Love doesn't have a color..


Bill and Candice falls in love - SCENARIO:

Bill is a well established business man who is a CEO/Owner of a clothing store called "Just You" for women. He has been the owner of the store for over 12 years. Bill is a 41 year old Caucasian man who dresses very well. He is medium height, well built, blue eyes and blonde hair. He has dated several women but hasn't found the right one to make him happy. Bill gets a lot of business at his clothing store and he hires models to wear his clothes for promotional flyers and commercials.

One day Bill hires three beautiful models to do a commercial for him. One of the models stands out to Bill. Bill doesn't usually have any interest in his models but there is something different that he sees in one of models. Bill walks to all three models and introduces himself, "hey, ladies my name Bill and I am the owner of "Just You." Its a pleasure meeting you all." The models smiles and replies back one by one, "hey, my name is Candice, my name is Mary and my name is Monica." Bill smiles back and tells them, "well, lets get to work." The models goes to work. After a long day of filming the commercial the models is super tired. Mary and Monica tells Bill thank you and leaves. Candice helps Bill organize the clothing store. Candice is a beautiful 36 year old African American who is a super model. Bill tells Candice, "thank you for helping me to get my clothing store back to normal." Candice giggles and says, "you are welcome, at least, I can do that for you. I mean, I could have been like Mary and Monica and just leave." They both laughed. Bill wants to ask Candice out for a date but he is afraid she will say no. He didn't know if she will date a Caucasian man. Bill has never dated an African American woman. He keeps watching Candice but very hesitant to say anything. Candice has finished putting things away and walks to Bill and says, "well, my work is done here. I want to thank you for having me to do your commercial. I hope we will work together soon." Candice shakes Bill's hand and while she is shaking his hand, Bill is thinking to himself if he should ask her out on a date. As Bill is shaking Candice's hand Bill starts to sweat in his hand. Candice pulls her hand back and asks, "are you ok?" "Yes, I'm fine," says Bill. "Cool, your hand is super wet" says Candice. Candice finds a napkin to wipe her hand. After she wipes her hand Candice turns around, goes out the door and walks to her car. Before she reaches her car Bill runs to Candice very nervous. "Candice, I would like to take you out on a date," says Bill. Candice smiles at Bill and says, "sure, you have my number call me when you are ready to go out on our date." Bill replies back, "tonight..what about tonight." Candice is speechless and says, "tonight." "Yes," says Bill. Candice didn't know what to say but yes. Bill goes back to the clothing store, lock the doors and gets in his car. Once he is in his car, he drives his car next to Candice and Candice gets in. They went to a nice dinner and laughed all night. For ten months Bill and Candice has been dating.

One night at a gorgeous restaurant Bill proposes to Candice. Candice accepts his proposal. They are so in love they don't care about what the world has to say. Their love is a strong bond that cannot be broken. The following two years they made it official and tied the knot. Their families wasn't to happy for them but they didn't care. Their love is strong enough to hold them together as one. Bill and Candice lives happily ever after.


Love Is Love" 

To not hide our love, to be able to hold hands, to stay together and not live in fear that our rights to be together. Being able to love freely."

Love, does not have a color, nor does having a keen sense of humor, book sense, street smarts or any number of traits men and women look for in the ideal mate.


Love is love. You love who you choose to love. There is no color on love. If you are happy with the person you are with and they are treating you like the king and queen you suppose be, don't worry about what other people say. There is no rules saying you cannot go outside your race. My motto is no one is living your life. You have to make yourself happy and if you are happy thats all that matters.