60 Years Of Marriage

How Joyce and Charlie Met

Charlie and Joyce have been married for 60 years. Charlie grew up in New York City with his mother and his sister Casey. He never had a father figure in his life, but his mother always showed him how to treat a lady. He would open doors, pull out chairs and buy flowers for his mother and sister. Charlie was well-mannered and made sure his family was safe. Charlie had to get a job at the early age of 15 to help his mother with food because he didn't want his family to suffer. Charlie would go to school, and after school, he would go to work.
When Charlie reached the age of 18 years old his mother died of a heart attack. When his mother was deceased, it was hard on Charlie because his mother was his best friend. He struggled to deal with her passing, but he knew he had to be strong for his sister. Charlie worked hard to maintain a good life for his sister. He treated his sister the same way his mother always taught him to treat a lady. Charlie was the provider and the protector of his sister Casey.
As Charlie reached 24 years old, he decided that he wanted to move to a different state. He moved his sister and himself to North Carolina, where he met Joyce at a grocery store.
Joyce lived in North Carolina with her parents. She didn't have any siblings. Joyce was the only child, and her father treated her like a princess. Joyce would see how her father treated her mother with respect and love. She never heard them argue or fight. Joyce always saw them hugging and kissing.
When Joyce was 13 years old, her father died of cancer, and Joyce was devastated. Joyce was so distraught about her father passing her life was destroyed because her father was the most loved person and played a big part in her life. After her father's passing, she could see her mother falling apart because she missed her husband. Joyce took care of her mother for years.
When Joyce turned 19 years old, she had a routine that she did every day. Joyce would go to work, come home, go to school online to become a social worker, and take care of her mother.
One day Joyce was cooking chicken and rice for her mother and realized she didn't have the rice. Joyce went to the grocery store, and there is where she met Charlie. Charlie was in the grocery store buying some milk for his sister, and he glanced at the door, and Joyce walked in. Joyce immediately caught Charlie's eyes. He couldn't believe how gorgeous Joyce was, and Charlie thought he was dreaming. Joyce walked towards the rice and chose the rice she was looking for when she sees Charlie walking towards her. Charlie introduced himself to Joyce, and Joyce smiled. Joyce was shy, and she didn't talk to strangers. Joyce thought Charlie was handsome, but she walked away, went to the cashier to pay for her rice, and walked out of the grocery store. Charlie was not giving up that easily. He hurried up and paid for the milk and ran behind Joyce. Joyce walked faster then suddenly stopped. When Joyce turned around, Charlie was right in her face. Joyce asked, “What do you want? Why are you following me?” Charlie looked straight into Joyce's eyes and replies back, “I want you.” Joyce didn't say a word, she had a blank stare on her face. Charlie said, “When I saw you walking in the door, I knew you were the one that I want to spend my life with.” Joyce thought that Charlie was insane. She started laughing and answered back, “Are you crazy? Do you need help? Can you stop following me?” Joyce turned back around to continue walking home, leaving Charlie standing there looking at her walk away.
Three years went by, and Joyce would see Charlie at different places, but she would ignore him when she saw him. On her mother's 60th birthday, she passed away. Joyce was 22 years old, and she was heartbroken. Joyce was alone and didn't know how to deal with her mother's death. Charlie heard what had happened and immediately stood by Joyce's side. Charlie didn't leave Joyce's side at all. Charlie's sister Casey went to college in Wisconsin, and Charlie was in North Carolina alone. He made sure that Joyce was his priority. Charlie treated Joyce like his mother always taught him how to treat a lady.
Two years later, Joyce and Charlie got married. Joyce found a man that treated her like her father treated her just like a princess. Joyce and Charlie never had an argument or a fight, the 60 years they have been together or married. Joyce and Charlie have three children and five grandchildren. Joyce and Charlie are happily married and raised their children the same way their parents raised them.

While no two marriages are the same, when comes to have a happy, long-lasting marriages. Most happy and long-lasting marriages share the same five essential traits: communication, commitment, kindness, acceptance, and love.

They saying is “how your parents raised you is how you will treat the person you meet in your life,” which that maybe or maybe not be true. Most people want a happy and healthy marriage or relationship. When you marry someone you love, you can not abuse or hurt them. You have to treat the person you love with respect. Marriage should be a bond between God, you, and your spouse. You have to give your significant other the love that they deserve and vice versa. Connect a bond with your significant other and make a long-lasting relationship and marriage. Building a healthy marriage makes your bond everlasting.