Keep Your Head Up High....


Brenda Survives- SCENARIO:

Brenda life was amazing, she had a great job, beautiful home and a wonderful life. Brenda had so many friends that supported her, until Brenda lost everything her home, job and her life. Brenda didn't have any friends anymore, everyone turned their backs on Brenda and Brenda became homeless. She had to learn how to survive on the streets. She didn't have anyone to turn too. She knew being on the streets she couldn't show her weakness. Brenda wouldn't beg for food, she had too much pride to beg. She would walk the streets with her head up high. People would see Brenda walking and felt it was odd because Brenda didn't look like she belong on the streets. Brenda would walk in the day and find a safe place to sleep at night. Brenda have seen so many homeless people fighting over food and places to sleep at night. Brenda removed herself from the drama.

One afternoon, Brenda was walking down the sidewalk and she saw one of her old friends and Brenda spoke but her old friend didn't speak back. Brenda couldn't believe how her friends was treating her. They never tried helping her instead they neglected her. Brenda still remained strong because she knew she had to depend on herself. This has been very hard for Brenda and she has been homeless for a year.

One cold day, Brenda is walking on the sidewalk and a business man named Todd walks passed Brenda. He turns around and walks behind Brenda. Brenda notices someone is walking behind her. She didn't know what he is going to do to her. Brenda begins to walk faster. Todd walks faster and taps Brenda on the shoulder. Brenda stops walking and turns around slowly. As she turns facing Todd she sees this handsome man. Todd says, “Brenda.” Brenda didn't remember Todd and she didn't know how he knew her name. Brenda replies back, “Yessss,” Todd is very excited to know that it is Brenda. Todd is overjoyed and says, “I am so glad I found you. I have been looking for you for a year. I mean, I have been looking for you a very long time.” Brenda is so confused, she still didn't know Todd. Brenda replies back, “Huh, you have been looking for me. Why me? I don't have anything.” Brenda tries to walk away. Todd grabs her left hand and pulls her back. Todd gets emotional and says, “I'm your son.” Brenda is shocked and speechless. Brenda gave up her son 31 years ago, when he was born because she couldn't take care of him at that time. Brenda cries and touches her son's face. Todd hugs Brenda. He takes Brenda's right hand and walks her back to his limousine. They gets in the back seat of the limousine and limousine driver drives them to Todd's gorgeous home. When they arrived Todd looks at Brenda in the limousine and says, “I have been looking for you for a very long time. I am very happy, I found you and you will never going to be homeless again. You have me now.” Brenda is so happy and she replies back with tears in her eyes, “It has been a struggle being in the streets. I couldn't show my weakness. Its a jungle out there. I have seen things, I didn't want to see. I had to keep my head up high and be strong because I knew one day, I will be blessed.” Todd gives Brenda a huge hug and Brenda hugs back.

It has been two years, Brenda and Todd are very close. Todd goes on his business trips and every day he calls Brenda to make sure she is safe. Brenda lives with Todd in his gorgeous home, she has a new job and very happy that she is reunited with her son.

One night Todd is at home from one of his business trips. Brenda and Todd decides to go out to dinner. They arrived to the restaurant in the limousine and two of Brenda's old friends sees Brenda and Todd getting out of the limousine. Brenda's old friends runs to Brenda and one of her old friend says, “You are looking good Brenda. You definitely turned your life around. I would love to have brunch with you tomorrow and talk about what is going on with you. Um, you have that fine handsome man with you. I am truly sorry. I wanted to be there for you. But you know my reputation.” Brenda glances at Todd and Todd smiles. Brenda looks at her old friends and says, “Well, I have been through he**. My so-called friends was never there for me. And you are talking about reputation. Well, its a jungle out here, you had to learn how to survive and I did that. Thanks to my son who changed my life and I am very grateful. So, if you two will move out my way, so my son and I can have dinner.” Brenda's old friends is shocked. Todd grabs Brenda's right hand and says, “Come on Mom” and they walked away. Brenda's old friends just stands there in shock.


Life Is A Jungle:

A jungle is a forest thick with trees, plants, and animals. The jungle can also means any place that is risky or wild. There are some people that does something dishonest or shady to get their way. "The law of the jungle," meaning you have to do some shifty things to survive.

We have an ability to be open to our emotions, allowing them to flow through our bodies like waves in the ocean. Sometimes we mistake our pain for weakness. True strength knowing how to be strong.


The jungle is the world. You have to stay strong. You can not show your weakness. You have to keep your head up high. You can find your true strength will you remain strong. You got this.. Another obstacle to cross over.