Karma Can Be H*LL


Rich To Homeless


Maggie grew up in San Diego, California. As she was growing up, her parents always had money. Her father was a billionaire, and her mother was a multimillionaire. Maggie lived in a beautiful mansion with her parents. She had everything a person could dream. Maggie was rich, and she took advantage of every moment. Maggie went to a prep school and had many friends. Maggie was very popular in her school and her life. She treated people poorly if she feels that they were poor or didn’t have the things she did. Maggie would treat and speak to the butler, maid, chef, and limousine driver very inappropriately. Maggie didn’t care about anybody else but herself and the money. Her friends were afraid to tell Maggie how they felt about her treating people mean because they didn’t want her to treat them the same way. Her friends knew it was wrong and disrespectful, but they stayed quiet.
One afternoon Maggie and her friends were dropped off at the mall to go shopping. Maggie and her friends were about to walk into the mall. Before they walked in, they saw a lady sitting by the door with a sign in her hand that read, “Help! I lost my job, and I need food to eat” Maggie read the sign. Before she walked into the mall, she says, “Lady, you need to get away from the door. No one is going to give you money for food. Look at you. You are homeless, and you look homeless. You will starve today” Maggie started laughing and walked away. Her friends were sad for the lady, and they put money in her bucket. As Maggie walked away, she immediately turned around and saw her friends put the money in the homeless lady’s bucket and quickly ran back and took the money out of the bucket and says angrily, “Don’t give her any money. She is not using it for food.  We are not the ones who are responsible for that. This lady can’t keep a job. Let her keep begging. That is her job to beg. She is lazy and she whether beg than try to get another job. But since you want to donate money to people, I would gladly take it for myself.” Maggie took the money and put it in her purse. Her friends were troubled, but they didn’t say anything back to Maggie. They all continued to walk into the mall.
The next day Maggie was in the kitchen with her parents, and her father received a telephone call. Her father immediately walked away to speak with the person who was on the telephone. Maggie and her mother continue to talk while her father was out of the kitchen. When her father returned to the kitchen, his face looked very disappointed. Her father was taciturn and worried. Maggie asked her father, “Dad, are you ok?” Her father replied, “Yes, Maggie. I’m fine.” Maggie knew something was wrong with her father because he never calls her Maggie. Her father always called her Princess. Maggie’s mother looked confused because she wanted to know what was wrong with her husband. Maggie had to get ready for school. Before Maggie left the kitchen, she kissed her mother and hugged her father, and says, “Dad, I hope things get better for you. I love you.” Her father just looked, didn’t say a word, and hugged Maggie back. Maggie quickly left the kitchen.
Later on that day, Maggie was apprehensive about her father, but she still maintained during school with her inappropriate behavior. Maggie would speak to everyone in school that she feels is beneath her rudely. Maggie didn’t care how she talked to the teachers, students, friends, and even the principal badly. Maggie didn’t care about anyone’s feelings. All she knew is that she is rich and everyone else is moneyless. It was time to go home from school. Maggie waited outside for her limousine driver, but no one showed up. She waited for an hour, and then one of her friends gave her a ride home. As they pulled up in the driveway, she sees people at her mansion taking furniture and other things out of the mansion. Maggie is perplexed. She immediately jumps out of her friend’s car, runs inside the mansion, and sees that the mansion is empty. She didn’t see the maid, butler, chef, or limousine driver. Maggie finds her parents and asks, “What is going on? Why are they taking my stuff? Why is the mansion empty? Why is the police here?” Maggie’s parents looked at Maggie with disappointment. Her mother says, “Honey, I’m sorry, but we lost everything. We lost our home, our cars, and our money.” Maggie was devastated that she didn’t know how to react to the situation. Her father says, “I’m sorry, Princess. I will be going away for a while, and I will be back as soon as I can.” Maggie still didn’t understand what was happening. She sees the police putting her father in the back seat of the police car and driving away. Maggie started crying and screaming. Her mother holds Maggie in her arms and says, “We are so sorry, Maggie.” Maggie’s friend is standing in the driveway, watching everything that is happening. Maggie notices and felt very ashamed. Maggie and her mother couldn’t stay at the mansion, so her friend drives them to a cheap motel and leave. Maggie and her mother never stayed in a motel before, and they were very uncomfortable.
The following day they receive a call from Maggie’s father, and he says, “I’m calling to tell you both I love you and I’m sorry for all of this. They are charging me with Grand Theft, Embezzlement, and Robbery. I’m looking at 15 years of prison time. I want you both to take care of yourself, and I will see you soon” the phone disconnects. Maggie and her mother cry together. They have a little money to last them for two weeks.
After two weeks, Maggie and her mother were out of money. They didn’t have any money to eat or anywhere to sleep. Maggie’s mother made a sign that read, “I don’t have a job, and we need food to eat and to survive.” They took the sign that her mother made, sat in front of the mall, and waited for help. People would walk by, and some people would be vulgar to them, but others would give them money. Maggie quickly realized that Karma can be HELL.


Treating others how you want to be treated is a perfect saying. This saying goes very far.  When you are simply being kind to others or going out of your way to help others in need, this is a kind approach to let others know that you are not selfish. You have a kind heart, and you are willing to help in any way necessary.


Treat others as you want to be treated. Sometimes in life, you have to realize that everything you have today can be gone tomorrow. Just because you are blessed to have more than the next person doesn’t mean you have to be rude or treat others with disrespectful behavior. Having materialistic things doesn’t make you a better person. Being humble and kind can go a long way. Learn how to treat people with respect because you may one day be in the same position. Watch Out! Karma is HELL!