Gail is living life & feeling young again...



Gail is 62 years old. She is a woman who wants to live life and be happy again. She lost her husband 10 years ago of cancer and Gail could never imagine living life without her husband. He was the man of her dreams, he was her life. Gail came to a conclusion that sitting in her home isn't going to bring her husband back. She knew that her husband wanted her to live and have the best life. The next day Gail decided to take a chance in the dating world. It has been 10 years since Gail had never been with anyone, so Gail was kind of hesitant to try but she did it anyway. She went on dating sites, meeting groups, gyms, etc. Gail continued dating but no one could match up to her husband until she met this younger man who brings life back into Gail. He took her dancing, dinners, movies, trips, etc. He totally respects her in every way emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually and mentally. One day Gail decided to have brunch with her friends. As Gail started to sit down to join her friends all of a sudden one of friends asked,"why are you dating someone who is younger than you." Gail looked around at all her friends and said, "age is just a number, I am happy, I feel like, I am on top of the world and I feel young again." All of her friends was stunned and just stared at Gail with no reply back. Gail continued to say, "sometimes you have realize that the older you get, you have to live your life, be happy and smile, be positive, meditate and make lots of love making," Gail laughed. Her friends couldn't believe what Gail had said, they all were shocked. As Gail waited for their reply, they all laughed hysterically. Gail had a touchy moment to let her friends know how she feels and how happy she has become. As she was communicating with her friends time was flying by and it was getting late. Gail stood up from the table and told her friends that she had to caught up with her younger friend. At that moment all of friends was happy for Gail. They realized it has been 10 years and they saw how happy Gail was with yourself and the person she has chosen to be with..


There is no age limit when it comes to love as long as they are not a minor. You have to love yourself first. Staying young is a mindset. My philosophy is (1) Stay Positive - remove yourself from negative energy. Being around negative energy can bring you down. Respect yourself and know you deserve peace. (2) Smile and Laugh - let no one steal your joy. Misery loves company. Love yourself enough to know you deserve to be happy. (3) Mediation - relaxation gives you time to relax your body and mind. Mediation gives the connection to your inner self. (4) Live Life - you only have one life to live. Tomorrow is not promise. Life is a gift. Live every moment like your last. (5) Love Making - make love to someone who will stimulate your mind, body and soul. Someone who you know that respects all of you. Therefore, age differences should not depict how you choose your partner. Your partner can be years older or younger its a connection you just have to be mature about it.


People can not tell you who you should love, date or have sexual relations with. But when you have friends who can respect your decisions and honestly happy for you, keep those friends around. Meanwhile, Love is love. Love has no age, color, race, conditions or boundaries. Their are a lot of younger men dating older woman because there is no defined rules of engagement. Therefore, let the older women become cougars and let them live again..