Find Your Peace...


Casey Finds Her Peace - SCENARIO

Casey is very passionate about making other people feel good about themselves. She is always making sure people are happy before herself. She neglects her feelings and how she feels about things. Casey is not happy with herself. When she was growing up, Casey had a very sheltered childhood. Casey is to the point that she rather be the person to make sure other people's happiness comes before hers. She never found her peace in life. Casey always remembers her childhood, and she can't move forward with her life. Casey has seen a lot with her parents, and her father was very abusive to Casey's mother. Ever since Casey has been really quiet and a person who wants to please everyone.
One day Casey was at work, and she is talking to her friend Doris. Doris knows Casey very well, and she knows that Casey has a lot on her heart, and Casey needs to find her peace to be able to move on in life. Doris says, “Hey, Casey, there is a meeting tonight at the social club. We should go tonight.” Casey is hesitating because she doesn't like being around many people. She looks at Doris and says, “Well, you know I don't like being around a lot of people, but I will do it for you.” Doris replies, “Casey, no, don't do it for me, do it for you. I want you to stop trying to please everyone. You have to start doing things for yourself. Do you want to go? “ “Hmmm, yeah, I will go,” says Casey. Doris was super excited because this is a chance that her friend can't let go of what she has inside and find her peace. Doris hugs Casey and says, “I'm so proud of you for taking a step to happiness and finding your peace.” Casey is nervous because she doesn't like to be around people that she doesn't know. As time flew by, all day at work Casey was walking around the office looking really strange and nervous as the time comes closer for her to get off work. She became even more terrified. She walks over to Doris's desk and says, “Doris, I don't know if I can do this. I am so nervous and scared.” Doris smiles at Casey and says, “Casey, this is completely normal. You are going to be scared. This is your first time, and I understand. Don't worry, Casey, you have a friend that will be there with you 100 percent.” Casey walks back to her desk still horrified about after work. She believes Doris but she still can't get a grip on her being nervous. The clocks hit five o'clock, and its time to get off work. Doris runs over to Casey, and she says, “Its time to go.” Casey closes her eyes, gives a big sigh, opens her eyes, and walks out the office door with Doris. They walk in the hallway a few doors down from their office. As soon as they walked in Casey sees about 50 people. She hesitates to walk in, and finally, she walks in and takes a seat. They all are sitting in a big circle, and they had to introduce themselves to each other. They went around the room, and it was Casey's turn. Casey is sitting in her seat, looking around the room. Casey becomes very shy, and the instructor says, “Casey, this is your first time, and we understand. Please understand that we are not here to judge you. We are here to help you.” Casey smiles and says, “Hello everyone, I am Casey, I was born in a small town in Mississippi and my father was very abusive to my mother. Every day my father would beat my mother, and I would hide in the closet. I was afraid that he would beat me or find me. When I was in the closet, I would keep quiet, so my father wouldn't find me.  All my life, I was afraid to stand up for myself.  I was afraid that I would disappoint people. I always want to please people and I don't want anyone to be disappointed in me. I don't say anything to anyone, even when they do me wrong. I don't want to be in a relationship with anyone because I feel that they will be abusive to me. I am hiding from the world. I never take up for myself because I feel if I do, I will lose the friends I do have. I haven't found my peace. I am always afraid.” As Casey is speaking, tears are rolling down her cheeks. When she looked up, she sees everyone with tears in their eyes. The instructor says, “Casey you don't have to be afraid anymore. You have 50 more friends now.” Casey felt good about going to the meeting. When she left the meeting, she had a positive attitude.  Casey decided to continue going to the meetings. Every day Casey was learning to open up and finding her peace.
One day Casey is walking, and she sees her old friend. He walks up to Casey and says, “You look gorgeous. You look different. Did you change your hair? You look happier.” Casey smiles and says, “I found my peace. I am happy, I love life, I have a purpose, and I love me.” He is shocked. This is not the person he went to school with or knew. Casey walks away smiling and happy. She has peace of mind, and she found her peace.

Having peace of mind is a mental and emotional balance and calm, free of worries, fears, or stress. When your mind is in peace, the mind is quiet, and you experience a gentle sense of happiness and freedom.

When you can talk about your trauma and what is in your heart, you can find your peace. We tend to hold back and not let go. When you are trying to find your happiest, you have to be in peace first. For example, Casey had pain in her heart. She neglected to find her peace. She went through trauma as a child, and the trauma damages her as an adult. When Casey started talking about the trauma and release it, Casey found peace. Casey needed to talk about it to have peace of mind because it is no longer in her heart or mind. Releasing is the best thing to find peace. It may be hard, and it takes a lot, but once you release your heart, mind, body, and your life will feel much better.