Fight Through The Storm..


Emily Hits Rock Bottom - SCENARIO:

Emily works at Accounting America, she has been working for this company 20 years. Emily is very independent, a hard worker and very loyal to her job. Emily is the only employee who will work overtime for the company. One day Emily is at work and her boss Bill calls her in his office. Emily didn't think anything of it because Bill always calls her in the office. She walks in Bill's office and sits down in a seat across from Bill's desk. Bill says, “Emily, I called you in the office because I do have some bad news. You are an awesome employee and I love your work but unfortunately, we have to let you go. I can't afford you at this time.” Emily is shocked. She couldn't believe what Bill said. She is very upset and she replies back, “You can't afford me. I worked my a** off for this company. I am the one that made this company. You telling me you letting me go.” Emily is devastated she stands up and slams on her fist on Bill's desk. Then she walks out the door and slams it behind her. She packs her things and screams, “THIS COMPANY IS BULLS***.” All the employees is shocked to hear that Emily has been fired. Emily walks out the building to her car and drives home. As she is driving home, she realizes she is not going to have any income to pay her rent or her bills. She has to come up with a plan.

Months went by and Emily still didn't have a job and she is two months behind in her rent and bills. She talked to her Landlord about her situation but she doesn't know how long he will accept it. Emily is stressing out but she will not let it bring her down. She hears a noise and she peeps outside through her bedroom window. Emily sees a tow truck taking her car away. She runs outside to catch the tow truck but it was too late. Emily didn't know what to do so she walks slowly back to her home. When she reaches her home she sees the Landlord with an eviction notice. Emily walks really fast to him and says, “No, I told you my situation. Please.” The Landlord replies back, “I understand your situation but you are two months behind and I have to find a tenant who can pay rent. I'm sorry, but you have a week to get out.” Emily has hit rock bottom but she is not going to let her situation beat her.

The next morning she applies for jobs. Emily didn't care where she works as long as she is working. A couple of days went by and no response for any of the jobs she applied for. The third day she receives a call back. She is super happy but Emily turns it down. Emily decides she doesn't want to work for another company, she wants to start her own accounting company. It takes a year for Emily to have her own company. Emily named her company "Emily Easy Accounting." Emily becomes the top accounting company. Emily gets her life back. Emily has a new home, new car and her new business. Emily fought through the storm.


Regardless of how it happens, loss is one of the life's biggest challenges. It can feel abrupt and disruptive. However, loss gives you the opportunity to reflect on what is truly important so that you to keep moving forward. Losing something that you had, or really wanted, can be a welcome wake up call.


You can overcome the storm. Don't let it get you down. There are better days to come. You are strong and you can do it. It may seems hard but faith and determination will make you stronger.