Enjoy Life...


Amanda Is Such A Daredevil - SCENARIO:

Amanda loves life. She lives every moment like her last. She does things that none of her friends would do. Amanda lives a dangerous life in other words, Amanda is a daredevil. She believes you should be free and appreciate your own existence.

One day Amanda is with a group of her friends at the beach. The sun was shining and Amanda and her friends is having a great time. The waves is calm and all of a sudden huge waves starts coming towards Amanda and her friends. Amanda decides to jump in the huge waves and her friend Chrissy yells, “AMANDA GET OUT OF THE WATER! THOSE WAVES ARE TOO HUGE! AMANDA! AMANDA!” Chrissy is worrying that the waves is going to take Amanda away. She couldn't see Amanda because the waves were too high. The rest of Amanda's friends left the beach and went to a store nearby while Chrissy is still at the beach waiting for Amanda. Ten minutes later Amanda runs out of the ocean and sees Chrissy still there waiting for her. Amanda is excited and says, “Those waves is amazing. It made me feel so free.” “You had me so worried Amanda,” says Chrissy emotional. “Sorry, but don't you want to live and be free. Like... that was great... you have to take risks and appreciate every moment is so amazing,” says Amanda smiling. “But do you always have to be so dangerous,” says Chrissy. “No, but I'm living life. By the way, you are here alone. Where is everyone?” says Amanda. “They left,” says Chrissy. Amanda and Chrissy starts to walk over towards their friends and one friend yells, “YOU ARE SO DUMB! I CAN'T SAVE YOU AND I WANT SAVE YOU! YOU LIVE A DANGEROUS LIFE!” Chrissy glances at Amanda and notices Amanda is shocked about what her friend had said. Chrissy says, “Don't worry about it. As long as you are living your life and having fun with it, don't worry about hers.” Amanda didn't say anything, she just walks away. Amanda knows she is taking a different path than her friends but the path she is taking is adventurous to her.

The following day around noon Amanda is with her group of friends and Amanda decides she wanted to jump out of an airplane and she made arrangements to do so. When she made her arrangements one of her friends hears her on the phone. Once Amanda finished talking about her airplane arrangements her friend Corey says, “Amanda, the things you are doing is very dangerous. You keep doing all this crazy stuff. You don't like your life. I am here, if you need to talk to someone. I would never jump out of an airplane.” Amanda smiles and says, “Corey, you can't be serious. I am living my life. I may be on a crazy path but its my path. I love living and being adventurous. I love being free. This is so refreshing for me. Just because you and the others doesn't like what I do, it doesn't mean I am crazy or dumb. I am not afraid of living.” Corey thought about what Amanda said to him. He laughs and says, “I still think you are crazy tho. Be safe and come back in one piece.” Amanda laughs and walks away.

It was the same day but later that night around 9:00PM Amanda is hanging with her friends. They all are at Kim's house and they were all laughing having a great time until Kim asks Amanda, “Why do you always do crazy stuff Amanda? Don't you know you could kill herself?” Amanda sighs and says, “Kim, I am sorry that you feel that way but I am happy with my life.” Before Amanda could finish her reply back to Kim Chrissy says, “Let Amanda live her life. She is our friend and we suppose to support her. Just because we are afraid to do what she does, it shouldn't matter. She is living her life and maybe we should live too.” Corey agrees with Chrissy. Amanda smiles at Chrissy and Corey and says, “Thank you.” Kim is staring at Amanda and starts to laugh. They all laughed and enjoys the rest of their night.

Amanda continues enjoying her life. She is living her best life.


Live Your Own Existence

To act, think, or behave independently; to be true to one's own interests, judgments, and beliefs, independent of the opinions or influences of others. At a young age, you've always lived your own life.


You have to live your own life. You may be on a different path than others but you live free and appreciate your own existence. Tomorrow is not a guarantee and the present you should live. Living is wonderful enjoy every moment.