Embrace Your Beauty Within You..


Esther Learns How To Embrace Her Beauty…

Esther grew up on a farm in a small town with 500 people. All through Esther's school years, she was teased about her appearance and how she dressed. Esther never had a boyfriend, a date, or friends. Esther went through her school years as a outcast. Esther wanted to go to college after high school to pursue her career as a Veterinarian. When Esther graduated from high school, she started looking for colleges to attend. Esther had excellent grades and knew her good grades would help her go to a good college. Esther didn't know which college will choose her, nor did she not know which college she wanted to choose. Weeks went by, and Esther hasn't received any response from any of the colleges, and Esther started getting worried that they didn't want to accept her.
Esther was sitting in her living room, and her mother walked into the living room with five letters. Her mother was excited for Esther. She gave Esther the letters and sat beside Esther while she opens the letters. “OMG, Mom, I was accepted to all of them. This is going to be hard to choose,” says Esther. Esther's mother was overwhelmed and started crying. Esther had a couple of days to choose her career college.
A couple of days went by, and Esther made her choice. She decided she wanted to move to California to go to college. Her mother thought it was too far, but she let Esther choose her own journey. A couple of weeks went by, and it was time for Esther to start her new life. Her mother had to take Esther to the airport, and while they were driving to the airport, Esther's mother says, “Look honey, California is a big place. There are so many people there. I want you to be safe, and if you need me, I am always here for you.” Esther replies back, “Mom, you don't have to worry. I will be ok, and I know you are here for me. I will be safe, plus I will be calling you all the time. You are my only friend.” As soon as they finished talking, they arrived at the airport. Esther gave her mother a big hug and got on her flight.
Esther arrived in California, and the school had transportation for her.  Once Esther reached the college, Esther became highly nervous. When she was walking on campus, everyone was looking at her and whispering. Esther knew they were talking about her. She knew they were talking about the way she looked and how she was dressed. Esther immediately started walking fast to go to her dorm room. When she walked in, Esther saw her roommate. Her roommate introduced herself as Star, and Esther introduced herself. The first day Esther was there, her roommate let her boyfriend come over to their dorm room to spend the day, and Esther felt uncomfortable. Esther left the dorm room and came back when her roommate's boyfriend was gone. The next couple of months Esther still didn't have any friends. She felt like an outsider. Esther went through high school without any friends and refused to go through college without any friends. Esther knew she had a beautiful heart, but she felt like people should see the beauty inside instead of her outside appearance. Esther wanted help. She wanted people to notice her because she was tired of being alone. Esther decided to ask her roommate for help. Her roommate was happy to help Esther. Esther and Star went shopping for new clothes, and they went to the hair salon to give Esther a brand new look. Esther and Star were shocked when they saw Esther in her unique appearance. Esther couldn't believe it was her. She was so beautiful, but she still felt that she shouldn't change herself for people. Esther knew in her heart if she did not change her appearance, she would go through college without any friends. Esther started crying because Esther couldn't believe that her look changed so beautifully. Esther embraced her new look with pride but still knew she had a beautiful soul and wish people would see her for who she was.
The next day she walked around campus, and no one knew it was Esther. Everyone was whispering about the new girl on campus. Finally, Esther is being noticed by people. She felt outstanding. The students on campus talked terrible things about her, and now they are actually saying how beautiful Esther became as Esther is walking to her classes. There are so many guys trying to date her, and Esther is nervous because she never had a boyfriend or a date. When Esther's classes were over, Esther went straight to her dorm room. Esther wanted to get away from people because it became too overwhelming for her, but as soon as she walked into the dorm room, Star's boyfriend was there. He looked and asked, , “Yo, who is this new girl? What happened to the other girl..um Esther?”
Star and Esther laughed hysterically, and Star replies back, “THAT IS ESTHER!” Star's boyfriend was shocked. He immediately called his best guy friend over to meet Esther. Esther was very uneasy, she didn't want to meet Star's boyfriend friend with a name like Esther because this was her first time meeting a guy and she didn't want him not to like her, so she started calling herself by her middle name Dawn. When Star's boyfriend friend came over, they introduced Esther as Dawn. They quickly hit it off. Dawn and Star became very close friends, and her new boyfriend, Martin, was amazing. He wanted to know more about Dawn. Martin wanted to see Dawn's old photo because Martin wanted to know everything about Dawn. Esther told Martin the truth about her life, why she decided to call herself Dawn and why she wanted to have a different appearance.  When he saw her old photos, he thought Esther was a beautiful person. Esther was surprised that Martin didn't care how she looked before. Martin says, “Look, Esther, I thought you were beautiful before you changed your appearance. To me, it's not how you look on the outside. It's how beautiful your heart is, but if you want me to call you Dawn, I will. But please understand it's not about your beauty on the outside for me. It's about you.” Esther was pleased that Martin accepts her for who she is. She loves her new look, but sometimes she goes back to the old look.  Esther, aka Dawn, has never been this happy in her whole life. She has friends, a boyfriend, and a beautiful new look she can change whenever she wants. Esther, aka Dawn's life, has changed tremendously. Everyone on campus calls her Dawn. Esther started thinking to herself, and started smiling. Esther has learned how to embrace her beauty from the inside and out. Now she is a very happy person with a very happy life.

Embracing your natural beauty means, despite your appearance, accepting who you are and being confident of that. The act of embracing your natural beauty is simple, receiving who you are in your most natural state and presenting your true self to the world.

You have to embrace your beauty, regardless of how people look at you. You accept who you are. Being true to yourself makes the world see your natural beauty. You are beautiful, and that's all.