Don't worry..Be happy..


Sandy is happy with her life- SCENARIO:

Sandy is a new student at a college called LEU (Lucas Educational University). Sandy moved from Newark, New Jersey to California to pursue her education. Sandy decided to go to LEU because it has a great program for her career. Sandy wants to become a Social Worker which she is very excited about her career choice. Sandy loves helping people.

Sandy's first day of college is really rough for her. She doesn't know anyone and doesn't know where her classes are. She sees this young lady and Sandy walks over to her. Sandy is kind of shy so she didn't know how to approach the young lady. Sandy just asks, "Excuse me, can you help me? Can you show me which direction, I suppose to go?" The girl smiles at Sandy and replies back, "You must be new here. Yeah, you have to go that way. By the way, my name is Nicole. Be careful, we have Katie around. She loves newbies." Sandy says, "Thank you and I'm Sandy." Sandy walks away and heads to class. When Sandy reaches her class she notices that she is late. She walks in and she hears a voice saying how late she is. Sandy ignores the voice and takes a sit. Katie laughs and says, "She must be a newbie, she is super late. Hey, newbie you are late." The class laughs. Sandy totally ignores what Katie is saying. Every day Katie is picking and talking about Sandy and every day Sandy ignores Katie.

Then one afternoon after class Katie stops Sandy in the hall way with a bunch of her friends. "Hey, Sandy you are such a loser. You shouldn't have come to this college. Don't you have a college where you lived?" Then all Katie's friends laughs and agrees. They all starts to talk about Sandy in her face. Sandy just stands there staring at them. As Sandy is standing there Nicole walks over and says, "Katie leave her alone, you are always doing something." Katie laughs and yells, "SHUT UP!" Sandy turns to Nicole and says, "I am not worried about Katie. She is miserable. She can keep talking about me its not going to change who I am. I can't change her. I am happy and excited about what I do with my life." Then Sandy turns around and stares Katie straight in her eyes and says, "You can talk about me every day, its still not going to change my happiness. I made my decision to be here and you are not going to change my mind. So you and your friends can live your miserable life because my life is great." Katie couldn't say a word, she could not believe what Sandy said. She just stands there in shock. Sandy turns back around and walks away with a smile on her face. Nicole stands in front of Katie and laughs then she says, "She told you" and walks away. Sandy is smiling all the way to her next class. Katie stills talk about Sandy but not to loud that Sandy can hear her. It doesn't matter because Sandy is too focus.


People who talk badly about you may do that to make themselves feel better. The person talking about you may regularly feel negatively about themselves or lack self-respect. As a result, they talk negatively about others, too. ... These people may simply want some positive attention because they feel bad deep inside.


Don't worry about what people say about you. You have your own life. You can't change someone talking about you. All you can do is live your life and remain focus and happy. Regardless, everyone is not going to like you so you continue being happy and smile with full of joy.