Don't Mistreat People..


Bestfriends - SCENARIO:

Kendra is a caucasian female who grew up in a family that loves people. Her family didn't care about a person's race. Kendra's friends spent many of nights with Kendra and her family and they would have a great time together.

When Kendra becomes 21 years old, two of her friends Asia, an African America, Chen, a Chinese and Kendra decides to become roommates. They are great roommates, they are always having fun. They have been friends since kindergarten so they have great respect for each other. Kendra is protective, Asia is feisty and Chen is very shy. They all work at the same restaurant "Get Your Wings." They usually have different shifts but they all love their job.

One day Kendra and her friends is on the same shift. It is a very busy day for the restaurant. They are all waitresses. Chen is waiting on a caucasian male customer and the male customer gives Chen his order but as Chen is taking his order the male customer keeps changing it. Chen reads back the order to the male customer and the male customer yells, “CAN I HAVE ANOTHER WAITRESS? SHE IS DUMB. ALL CHINESE PEOPLE ARE DUMB!” Chen didn't know what to say. She immediately runs in the kitchen and starts to cry. Kendra sees what is happening. She excuses herself from her customer and walks over to Chen's table with the male customer. Kendra angrily says, “Look sir, that was totally rude for you to say that. You really hurted her feelings. You need to apologize.” “Look here pretty girl. I'm not apologizing to her. I don't like chinese or blacks. They all need to go back where they came from,” says the male customer as he starts to laugh. “You are the most dumbest man alive. Their lives matter. It shouldn't matter at all about their race or where they came from. I think you should leave,” says Kendra. The male customer stands up from his chair and says, “I think you should have waited on me. You are one fine thing.” Kendra looks disgusted and the male customer walks out the restaurant. Kendra quickly walks in the kitchen and sees Chen sitting on the floor crying. She gives her a hug and tells her, “I took care of it. He is gone.” Chen stops crying and gives Kendra a huge hug.

Three days later Kendra, Asia and Chen is laying down on the beach enjoying the sun. Three caucasian guys were walking by the ladies and one stops because he sees Chen and Asia. He starts kicking and throwing sand on Chen and Asia. The other two guys are laughing. Kendra stands up and asks, “What is your problem? Why are you kicking and throwing sand on my bestfriends?” The guy replies back, “Huh? They are your bestfriends. Those are your bestfriends. You can find better friends. Come hang out with your own kind.” Kendra is frustrated. Before she could say anything Asia says, “Look, I understand you were raised not to like other races but your own. Don't you know all lives matter. It shouldn't matter. We have been bestfriends for a long time every since we were 5 years old. So whatever views you have on life. You need to keep it to yourself. Because your life matters, my life matters and their life matters.” The guy didn't respond. His friends apologizes for their friend's behavior and they all walked away. Asia looks at Kendra and Chen and says, Well ladies, lets continue to enjoy the beach. They all laughed and laid back down to soothe the sun.


The golden rule

The golden rule is a moral principle which denotes that you should treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. The golden rule suggests that if you would like people to treat you with respect, then you should make sure to treat them with respect too.


Everyone is made equally unique. It shouldn't matter about a person's race. You should love or like a person for who they are on the inside not the outside. All of our lives matter and what you say to someone can damage them for a lifetime. Be more mindful when you say things or how you treat people. The conclusion is we all breathe the same and bleed the same.