Beauty And A Beast - SCENARIO:

Abby is a beautiful stay at home mother with a husband and three children. Abby has two daughters and one son. Abby children are Tammy age 14, Jill age 9 and Randy age 5. Abby has been married to her wonderful husband Thomas for 15 years. Abby loves her family. She is a great mother and a very loyal wife. Abby and Thomas is very involved in their children lives. Abby's husband Thomas is a Top Real Estate Broker and he is out of town for a major business trip for two months. This is Abby first time being alone with the children without her husband. Before her husband left Abby started college online for her psychology degree.

One early Monday morning around 6:00AM Abby gets out of her bed and started walking in the hallway to wake up her children for school. She slowly knocks on Tammy's bedroom door and realizes that Tammy is in the bathroom getting ready for school. Abby is surprised because Tammy never wants to get up to go to school. Abby continues walking down the hallway to Jill's bedroom to see if Jill is awake but Jill is still sleeping. Abby quickly walks over to Jill and gently taps her on the left shoulder and says, “Jill, honey its time for you to get up.” Jill immediately jumps up and says, “Ok Mommy but can I eat breakfast first.” Abby laughs and says, “Early this morning, you are thinking about food. Yes, you can eat breakfast first but make sure you wash your face and hands.” Jill gives Abby a huge hug and runs downstairs. Soon after Abby walks in Randy's bedroom and Randy is still sleeping. She kisses Randy on the face and notices Randy's face feels hot. When Abby kisses Randy he wakes up. Abby asks Randy, “Honey, are you okay?” Randy sits up and starts to cry and says, “Mommy, I don't feel well.” Abby checks Randy's temperature and sees he has a 101.5 fever. She gives Randy some medication and Randy lays back down in his bed. Abby is sitting on the edge of Randy's bed and starts to think about her day. Abby knows she is going to have a long day. Abby has to complete her test for school, clean the house, grocery shop, laundry and take care of Randy. Abby knows if she doesn't get everything done today she will not have a chance to do it later. As Abby is thinking Tammy walks in Randy's bedroom and says, “Mom, I'm going to go outside and wait for the bus. Oh, What's wrong with Randy?” Abby says, “He doesn't feel well so he will be staying home with me today.” Tammy looks at Randy and says, “Mister Lucky, I hope you feel better. I would give you a kiss on the cheek but you are sick.” Randy didnt respond. Randy eyes is halfway close. Then Tammy kisses Abby and says, “Bye Mom, high school calls.” Tammy runs outside before the bus comes. Abby is still sitting on the edge of Randy's bed and notices that she hasn't heard Jill. She gets up from Randy's bed and walks in Jill's bedroom and Jill is sitting on her bed crying. Abby asks, “Honey, why are you crying?” Jill replies back, “Because, I don't know what to wear.” Abby smiles at Jill and says, “Honey, you don't have to cry.” Jill is very emotional and says, “Mommy, I just need help.” As soon as Abby is about to help Jill, Randy starts to cry. Abby is overwhelmed because both of her children is crying at the same time. She tells Jill, “Honey, you pick out something to wear for school and I'll be right back.” Abby runs in the bedroom with Randy and asks, “What's wrong with my big man?” Randy continues to cry louder and louder. Abby sits beside him and tries to rock Randy back to sleep, all of sudden, Abby hears Jill screaming her name. Abby picks up Randy in her arms and carries him with her to Jill's bedroom. Jill asks, “How do this look Mommy?” Abby replies back, “That looks nice. Honey, you need to hurry your bus will be here in a few minutes.” Jill feels really confident about her outfit. She gets her backpack, kisses Abby and runs outside to catch the bus. Randy falls back to sleep in Abby's arms. Abby puts Randy back in his bed and walked downstairs. Abby is determine to get everything done.

She starts the laundry, clean the kitchen and then she gets on her computer to begin her test. Before she could log into her computer she receives a phone call from her best friend Dena. Abby answers and says, “Hey girl.” Dena replies back, “Hey, I'm just calling to see if you want to go to the mall today.” Abby laughs and says, “Mall..I can't Randy is home today because he doesn't feel well. Plus, I have to much to do today. Girl, I am so focus and determine to finish everything.” Dena becomes sarcastic, “Whatever, I think marriage made you different. Talk to you later.” Dena hangs up and Abby is stunned by what Dena had said but she is too busy to worry about Dena. All day Abby is cleaning and taking care of Randy.

Later that afternoon, finally Abby can begin her test. She logs back into her computer. As she is trying to finish her test she hears Randy calling her name. She stops and goes upstairs into Randy's bedroom and brings him downstairs in the livingroom to watch cartoons. As Randy is watching cartoons Abby finishes her test for school and the laundry. Abby decides to grocery shop online. As she is grocery shopping online she sees Randy dancing to the cartoons. She runs over and check his temperature and its normal 96.5. Randy says, “Mommy, I feel better now.” Abby is so relieved. She kisses Randy all over and started tickling him. They laughed hysterically. As they were laughing Tammy walks in the livingroom and asks, “What are yall doing?” Randy says, “Laughing at Mommy.” Tammy sits down and joined in. Thirty minutes later, Jill walks in the livingroom and joined them. They all are laughing and having fun. A hour later the phone rings and its Thomas, Abby answers, “Hey babe, I miss you.” Thomas replies back, “I miss you and the kids. I love you all. Well, I have to go... I will be home soon.” Thomas hangs up. Abby and her children continues to laugh and play.

Abby is beautiful and a beast. She does what a woman should do for herself and her family. She never let anything get in her way.


A person of substance adds value to the world. They work hard and accomplish something. They can be thinkers, or they can be doers. A woman of substance is power, positive influence and a woman of meaning.


Be a woman of substance who determines to be strong and powerful. You are a positive influence for the people that surrounds you. Never be a deadbeat. You can accomplish whatever you want to…just put your mind to it..