Communicate With Your Significant Other...


Amira Finally Understands How To Communicate..

Amira is a single 29 years old woman who has been on many dates. Every man she has dated, she always argued about situations that she and her partner could have resolved by communicating, and they always end up in a breakup. Her last relationship was horrible. Her ex-boyfriend was never satisfied with anything Amira did for him. They use to fight and argue all night long until Amira had enough. She immediately broke it off with him. Ever since then, she has been dating men that want to have a disagreement or use her. Amira was tired of the dating life.
One late night, Amira is sitting home in her apartment watching television when her mother called her. Amira answers her cellphone to talk to her mother. As soon as Amira answers the cellphone her mother says, “Hey honey, I am just calling to make sure you are alive because I haven't heard from you all day.” Amira replies, “Yup, I am fine. I'm just watching TV and flipping channels.” Her mother laughs and says, “Honey, it seems like you are bored sitting home alone. Maybe, you need to go out for a while and mingle. You do remember that you are single.” “Ma, every man that I've met doesn't want to be in a relationship, they just want to argue or use me, so I whether not go anywhere,” says Amira. “Well, it's your choice, but if I were in your shoes, I would be out shaking a tail feather,” says her mother laughing. “Ma, ugh,” replies Amira laughing at her Mom. “OK, baby, I love you, and I will talk to you tomorrow. Make sure you call me. I'm always here for you,” says Amira Mom.
Amira and her mother hung up the phone. As soon as Amira got off the phone with her mother, she immediately starts thinking if she should go out to mingle with a couple of people. Amira decides to get ready and go for a walk and check out the local bar. When Amira walked in, she went straight to the bar. Amira orders herself a couple of drinks, and then Amira notices a guy staring at her. She told herself that she is not going to date or talk to anyone. She is just having a couple of drinks. The guy walks over towards Amira and takes a seat beside her. He asked, “Can I buy you a drink?”
Amira hesitated to answer him, and then all of a sudden, Amira says, “Sure.” While they were waiting for their drinks, the gentleman introduces himself. He says, “My name is Max. It's a pleasure meeting you.” Amira replies, “I'm Amira. I am not looking for anyone. I just wanted to get a couple of drinks.” Max started smiling and says, “I didn't ask if you were looking for anyone. I just wanted to buy you a drink.” Amira took the drink, and they started to conversate. Amira looks at her time, and it is getting late. She didn't realize how long she stayed talking to Max. When Amira left the bar, Amira wrote her number down on a napkin. As she walked back home, Amira regretted that she wrote her number on a napkin. Amira didn't want to have another lousy relationship or friendship. Amira finally reached her apartment, and before she could walk in the door, she gets a phone call from Max. Amira was nervous to answer the cellphone, but Amira made a quick decision to answer, and they talked the rest of the night.
The next day Amira thought it was just a fling that she talked to Max over the phone.  Amira didn't care about it and thought it was a one-time fling until Max showed up at her apartment. She forgot when they were talking last night she gave him her address. Max takes Amira out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He cooks, opens the doors, and treats Amira like a woman. She didn't want to introduce him to her parents because she feels it wasn't going to last. Months go by really fast, and after nine months of dating, they decide to live together in Amira's apartment.
One night they are watching TV, and Max's phone rings with a caller named Tamara. Amira notices the name, and she is distraught. She turns off the TV, walks into the bedroom, and slams the door. Max is clueless why she is so upset. He walked into the bedroom and tried to talk to Amira. Amira is so furious, she says, “I knew you didn't want to be with me. I knew you were using me for a place to stay. If you didn't want a relationship, all you had to do was tell me, and I would have understood it. I am tired of being used by men. All they want is one thing from me. I saw your phone. You are talking to a woman named Tamara. Why did you move in with me?” Max looks very disappointed at Amira. He replies, “Amira, you have it all wrong. If you asked me who Tamara was, I would have told you that Tamara is my brother's wife. She calls me because I help her with the kids while my brother is gone. My brother is in the Navy, and now he is deployed, and he will not be back for six months. All you had to do is communicate with me instead of getting upset about a situation that we could have solved immediately. I am not here to hurt you, Amira. I am here to love you. I moved in with you because you are my soulmate. I am not here to use you or argue with you. I am here to treat you like a woman who is supposed to be treated by a man who loves you. Communication means everything to me, and that is what you have to learn. You have been in bad relationships in the past, but Amira, I am a good man, so you don't have to worry. I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to stay.” Tears started rolling down Amira's cheeks, and she apologizes to Max. Amira never had someone who wanted to have a healthy relationship. She realizes she can't lose Max. Amira learned how to communicate with Max instead of showing anger about situations that they can talk about and resolve.
After a year in a half, Amira decides to introduce Max to her parents because she knows this is official. Her parents love Max and Amira is very happy. Therefore, Max introduces Amira to Tamara and the kids. Amira and Tamara become very close, and she helps Max with the kids as well. Amira finally met someone that wants a healthy relationship and no BS.

Good communication is a crucial part of all relationships and is an essential part of any healthy partnership. All relationships have ups and downs, but a healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict and build a more beneficial partnership.

Having a healthy relationship is the best. The key to having a healthy relationship is communication. People tend to get upset and have their perspectives in their heads instead of sitting down with their significant other and communicate about the situation at hand. When you can talk about any problems with your significant other, you can work things out and understand the situation better. When you are communicating, you can not be judgmental. You have to be able to understand their side, and they have to understand your side. Once you can do that, everything else comes easy. The best part is that you both are learning how to understand each other, and the more you know how your partner feels about the situation, the more love you both can give each other.