Bullying can be a sign of neglect..


They are both are victims - SCENARIO

Tommy's mother and father died 4 years old in a horrific car accident. Tommy is now living with his sister who is very lazy and doesn't care about what Tommy does. Tommy is in the 7th grade with a bully named Billy. Tommy doesn't have any guidance from his sister nor have any friends. Since Tommy's mother and father has passed away, Tommy will skip school to avoid being bullied by Billy. Every single day Tommy goes to school Billy is always taking Tommy's money, punching or teasing him. Tommy tried telling his sister about the situation but at this point he felt that no one really cares especially his sister. Therefore, Billy is a huge kid who bullies everybody especially Tommy. He doesn't care about any school rudes at all. One night Billy was at home in his bedroom watching TV and his father came home drunk and angry. He went straight to Billy's bedroom, broke a chair leg and beat Billy with it. He didn't stop until he saw Billy bleeding. Billy was sitting in the corner of his bedroom holding his head. His father started to walk out Billy's bedroom, before he walked out, he turned around and said to Billy, " look at yourself, you need to clean yourself up, you look a mess." Billy stares at his father while holding back his tears and replied, "yes sir." Billy has been getting physical and mental abuse most of his life. Billy's mother is tremendously to scared of his father to say anything.

The next day Billy is getting ready to leave for school and he walks in the kitchen, opens up the refrigerator door to get his lunch but before he walked out the door to go to school he forgot to shut the refrigerator door. His father walked in the kitchen and immediately noticed that the refrigerator door isn't shut. Billy's father calls him back to the kitchen. Billy walked back to the kitchen and said, "Yes Dad" his father replies back, "You dumb a**, you forgot to shut the f**king refrigerator door. Don't you know that I pay for this food. I PAY FOR THIS FOOD." Billy didn't know what to say or do, he just stood there looking and listening to his father and quickly replied, "Yes sir." Before Billy could get the sir out of his mouth, his dad punches him in the left eye leaving a blue and black mark around Billy's eye. Soon after his father punched him, his father said, " tell your school you fell down and hit your eye on something." Billy put his hand over his left eye and walked out and headed to school. That same day Tommy is getting ready for school. Tommy's knows his sister is still sleeping. As he is preparing for school he notices that he is wearing the same outfit he worn three days ago. Tommy is very upset but there is nothing he could do. He knows he has to continue getting ready for school. Tommy walks in the kitchen to make himself a lunch but when he looks in the refrigerator there was nothing there. Tommy shut the refrigerator door with disappointment. He walks into his sister's bedroom and woke her up and said, "hey, you forgot to grocery shop again, how do I suppose to eat today, there is no food in the refrigerator." Tommy's sister is still half asleep and she answered back, "look in my purse and take that $20 dollars for lunch...and oh, you better go to school today." Tommy walks out his sister's bedroom finds her purse and takes the $20 dollars out of it and then heads to school. Once Tommy makes it to school he immediately sees Billy. He already knows what is about to happen. Billy walks over to Tommy picks him up by his collar and starts to scream and punch Tommy. There is a teacher nearby and sees what is happening. The teacher runs over to the boys and stops Billy. The teacher pulls them apart and tells both of them to go to principal's office. As they both are walking to the principal's office Tommy notices Billy's eye and Billy notices Tommy's stomach keeps growling like he hasn't eaten for days. Once they reaches the principal's office, they both is scared to get in trouble. They sits down and the principal walks in and takes a sit. He asks both of the boys what is going on with them. Tommy and Billy tells the principal their stories. The principal tells both of them that they have to get along for a week. Tommy and Billy didn't agree at first until they started talking to each and they realizes that they both is being neglected but in a very different way. Truth to be told they became good friends.


Respect people feelings even though it may not mean anything to you. It definitely might mean something to someone else.

Meaning of bullying:

The behaviour of a person who hurts or frightens someone smaller or less powerful, often forcing that person to do something they do not want to do:

Bullying is a problem in many schools.

If you are getting bully in school, work, social media or anywhere reach out to someone that can help you. There are so many resources... GET HELP !!!


STOP bullying. You both may be victims but going through different situations. Instead of bullying people because you may not know how to deal with your situation and you take it out on someone else. Go get HELP instead taking your frustration out on someone else. You never know what they are going through. So before you start bullying stop and think if you wanted be treated like that. If not, then don't bully people..