Beauty On The Inside Is Beautiful..


Robin And Her Great Personality - SCENARIO:

Robin is a very nice person with a beautiful soul but insecure about her weight. Every since she had her little girl 6 months ago, she has gain over 40 pounds. She tried to lose her weight but it seems like she can't lose the excessive weight. Robin works at a clothing store as a Sales Manager at the local mall. Everybody loves Robin because her personality is beautiful and positive. She has a Assistant Manager named Ashley, who is the total opposite of Robin.

One day at the clothing store a customer walks in the store and starts browsing around the clothing store. The customer couldn't find what she was looking for in the store, immediately Robin notices that the customer needs help. Robin walks over to the customer with a huge smile. The customer is pleased to see Robin. Robin helps the customer to find what she is looking for in the clothing store. Before the customer leaves she gives Robin a huge compliment. Ashley is standing at the cash register when she overheard the compliment from the customer about Robin. Robin smiles at the customer. As soon as the customer leaves Ashley says, “Well, at least, you can make the customer happy.” “What do you mean?” asks Robin. “I'm saying that you gain so much weight in 6 months, it would be hard for you to get a man,” says Ashley. “Are you serious Ashley?” Robin says angrily. Ashley starts to laugh and says, “You just had a baby and your baby's father is no longer in your life because of your weight gain,” says Ashley. “That is not the reason why my daughter's father is not in her or my life. The reason why he is not in our lives is because he isn't a great father and I left him, if you must know the reason,” says Robin emotionally. Before Ashley could reply back a handsome gentleman walks in the store. Ashley quickly walks over to the gentleman to see if he needs help. Robin is standing by the cash register watching Ashley. Ashley asks the gentleman, “Do you need any help?” The gentleman looks at Ashley and replies back, “No, I'm just looking around. I heard that this is a great clothing store.” “Well, if you need any help my name is Ashley,” says Ashley. Ashley walks back to the cash register. She looks at Robin and says, “He is so fine, he smells good and he looks rich.” Robin shakes her head and walks over by the display table and starts folding clothes. The gentleman is walking out the store when suddenly he turns back around and walks over to Ashley. The gentleman says, “Hey, Ashley, I'm having a party tonight. I would like for you to come and bring a friend. By the way, my name is Daniel” Ashley is super excited and replies back, “Yes, we will be there.” Daniel smiles and walks out of the clothing store. Robin hears Ashley and immediately walks over to her extremely frustrated and says, “Ashley, I can't go out with you. I have a baby and I have to take care of her. I can't leave my responsibilities on my parents,” says Robin. “Come on Robin. You haven't been out in a long time,” says Ashley. Robin thinks about it and then agrees.

Later on that night around 9:00PM Robin and Ashley is headed to the party. When they arrives they see a lot of people having fun outside. They both gets out of Ashley's car and finds Daniel. Daniel is talking to his friends when he sees Robin and Ashley, he is happy that they came to his party. As soon as Ashley sees Daniel she becomes very clingy to Daniel. But she noticed that Daniel is not responding to her. Ashley is getting upset. Robin is totally out of her comfort zone and she sees Ashley standing by herself and very upset. Robin walks over to Ashley and asked, “What is wrong?” Ashley replies back, “Daniel is not responding to me. I am practically throwing myself to him. I mean...look at me, who can turn this down. I'm the perfect size and I'm pretty but I don't understand why he doesn't even notices me.” “Girl, don't worry about Daniel, let's have some fun,” says Robin. Robin and Ashley took a sit and started talking to other people at the party. Everybody loves Robin. They all love Robin's jokes and her outstanding personality. When Daniel sees everyone laughing Daniel sits down beside Robin. He starts to make conversation with Robin. Daniel starts laughing at Robin's funny jokes and then he takes Robin's hand and took her around to meet his friends. Ashley is still sitting down watching Robin and Daniel. It's getting late and Robin has to leave. Ashley is so devastated she starts to have an attitude towards Robin. Daniel walks Robin to the car while Ashley is walking behind them. Daniel says, “Glad you came. I would like to get to know you better.” Robin is a little nervous, she says, "Look, my daughter is 6 months and I haven't dated in a while because my daughter is everything to me.” Daniel smiles and says, “That's cool because my son is 4 years old and I haven't dated in a while so, if you can accept my son, I can definitely accept your daughter.” Robin smiles and exchange numbers with Daniel. Daniel opens the door for Robin and walks away. Ashley opens the car door and sits on the driver's side. Ashley looks at Robin and says, “I hope you are happy you took my man. That was my man. You are not a true friend.” Robin didn't reply to Ashley. While Robin is in the car she receives a text message from Daniel. Robin smiles and reply back to Daniel text message. Ashley keeps driving and Robin keeps texting. When they arrived at Robin's home, Robin says, “I didn't say anything because I didn't want to start an argument. But I will say, I didn't take your man. I didn't even think he liked me. I'm sorry, you feel that way but I deserve to be happy and it felt really good to have someone to think, I am cute. I haven't had that in a long time. I needed that.” Robin gets out of the car and walks to her home and before she could walk in the door Ashley screams, “LOVE YOU GIRL.”

One year goes by and Robin and Daniel are in a relationship and decides to live together. Ashley is still single but she helps Robin with her daughter and Daniel's son. Ashley has become a very supportive friend for Robin even though she didn't get the man.


Beautiful on the inside means kind, lovely, friendly. Therefore “beautiful inside and out” means nice to look at but also lovely to be around.


A beautiful person is a person who has beauty on the inside. You can make yourself beautiful on the outside. If you kind and have an outgoing personality, your beauty can shine bright. Just because you are pretty or beautiful on the outside doesn't mean you have a great heart. Learn how to be beautiful on the inside.