Beauty Is More Than The Outer Layer..



Michelle and Renee has been best friends since elementary school. When they graduate from high school, they both decided they wanted to become roommates. Michelle is a very attractive young lady. She has it all. Michelle has the perfect body, face, hair, smile and it seems like everybody wanted her. Michelle is always on top of the world. She has high expectations and no one could ever tell Michelle..NO. Michelle dresses very well and she always have the newest fashion and all designer clothes. Michelle has a very rude and unpleasant personality, she believes she is a star. All Michelle wants is to make alot of money and find her a rich man to take care of her. She feels that everyone should bow down to her. Meanwhile, Renee is the total opposite of Michelle. Renee is very cute. She loves reading, listening to music and writing. Renee is focus on her career and which college she wanted to attend. She is very smart with a great personality. Renee is down to earth, quiet, funny, polite, very calm and heartwarming. She doesn't really care about designer clothes as long as she have clothes nothing else really matters. These two are very opposite but love each other very much... like sisters. Once they both graduated and became roommates their career took a different path. Michelle became a stripper and Renee went to college to get her degree in Psychology.

One night Michelle asked Renee to hang out with her. Renee was hesitate because she was studying for her exam but she agreed. They both went in their bedrooms to get dress. When Michelle walked out of her bedroom she has on this black and gold Louis Vuitton dress and shoes while Renee has on ripped jeans, a cute shirt with some black pumps. As they headed out the door to Michelle's car they see a very attractive and handsome guy who is walking by. Michelle calls the guy back so she could introduce herself to him. The guy came back and introduces himself to them both. Before he could get his name out Michelle rudely said to him, "don't I look good, by the way my name is Michelle." The guy replied back, umm yes, you do and my name is Anthony." As they are introducing themselves Renee is standing there just looking at Michelle with disbelief. Anthony starred at Renee and asked, "and you are." Renee starred back at Anthony and said, "oh, me... I'm Renee." Anthony replied, "nice to meet you." As they are talking Michelle abruptly interrupted and said, we don't have all night are you hanging with us or not." Anthony is totally shocked how rude Michelle came across. He told Michelle, "sure, I will hang out, I will drive, let me get my car." Anthony ran to his house and drove back in a 2021 black Bugatti Veyron with chrome rims. Michelle's eyes glows and she tells Renee, "that car is beautiful, it's only for two, so I guess you will not be going tonight. I will probably see you tomorrow because he is going to be mines tonight." Anthony stopped in front of the ladies and Michelle is walking towards the car when Anthony yelled, "COME ON RENEE, I want to take you out tonight." Renee looked around to make sure he is yelling at her. Michelle is super furious. Renee walked to the car and got in. As they drove away, Renee asked Anthony, "why did you ask me to come. I mean everybody wants Michelle. I would thought you would too." Anthony instantly replied, "yes, Michelle is gorgeous. She has a nice body, beautiful smile, beautiful face, beautiful hair but what else can she offer after all that is gone, her attitude. I want a woman who has a beautiful heart and soul. When you have that... you are automatically beautiful to me on outside." Renee was stunned and overwhelmed by Anthony's reply and she immediately kissed him. Anthony and Renee started dating.


You can be a beautiful person on the outside but want really counts if you are a beautiful person on the inside. You have to offer a person more than your beauty.

Inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty. Inner beauty completely refers to the person's personality including their mind and characters. Outer beauty means the look of a person. Outer beauty can be a real or fake but inner beauty can't lie.


You can love or be with someone who is beautiful on the outer layer but the most amazing and beautiful woman is a woman who has a beautiful heart and soul on the inner layer. Therefore, STOP looking on the outer layer of a person and find someone who has a beautiful heart.