Be Who You Are


Melinda Loves Herself- SCENARIO:

Melinda is a pretty young lady who is 22 years old. Melinda is a type of young lady who is funny, friendly, outgoing and very positive. She loves talking to people and making people laugh. Melinda lives with her parents and her parents is very protective over Melinda. Therefore, Melinda works at a theme park called “The World.” She loves her job and the employees loves Melinda. Her friend Vanessa complains about the job all the time. Vanessa feels she should find a better job or a more professional job. Melinda trys to keep Vanessa positive but it doesn't work. The only time Vanessa stays positive is when she has all the attention.

One afternoon, Melinda and Vanessa is on lunch break and they decides to eat lunch in the breakroom. Vanessa sees Victor and immediately whispers, “Mel, my man is on break, so don't sit beside him. I will.” Melinda just shakes her head. Melinda and Vanessa has a huge crush on Victor. Victor is eating his lunch and Vanessa sits beside him. Melinda is laughing and joking with the other employees. Everyone is laughing at Melinda even Victor. Victor tells Melinda laughing, “You are so funny.” Melinda says, “Thank you, I do what I can” and starts to laugh. Vanessa is getting upset because Victor isn't paying her any attention. Vanessa says, “She's not funny. She is so childish. She acts like a big kid. Do you know she still watches cartoons?” Melinda stops talking and looks around the breakroom, she feels embarrassed. Then Victor says, “Well, I think she's funny and plus, I still watch cartoons too. So, I must be childish too.” Victor stands up from his sit and clocks back in to go back to work. Vanessa is sitting there quietly. Melinda tells Vanessa, “I can't believe you embarrassed me.” Vanessa replies back, “We both know you do that very well. You always embarrassing yourself.” Melinda didn't say anything back to Vanessa, she just clocks back in to go back to work and left the breakroom.

Later that night, Melinda shift is over and she clocks out for the night. Melinda starts walking to her car and she hears Victor yelling her name. Victor yells, “MELINDA! MELINDA! WAIT!” Melinda stops and waits for Victor. When Victor catches up with Melinda he asks, “What are you doing tonight?” Melinda is very surprised Victor is asking her what she is doing and she says, “Um, going home.” “Oh, that's too bad. I thought we could hang out for a couple of hours. I think you are super cool,” says Victor. “Well, I think, I could for a couple of hours. I don't see anything wrong with that,” says Melinda. As Melinda and Victor is talking, Vanessa sees them. Vanessa is angry because she feels she should be with Victor. Melinda and Victor gets into their own cars and goes to a hangout spot called “Friends.” Vanessa gets into her car and follows them. When they arrived at the hangout spot, they both gets out of their cars and goes inside. They stayed at the hangout spot for about two hours laughing and having a great time. Vanessa is outside waiting for them to come out. They finally came out and Victor surprisingly kisses Melinda. Melinda's face turns completely red and kisses Victor back. Melinda heart is beating really fast. She is very nervous but after they kissed Melinda smiles at Victor. Victor tells Melinda, “You are such a great kisser. I really like you and I want to be your boyfriend.” Melinda couldn't believe what she had heard and she didn't know what to say because she is shocked. “Wow, I must be dreaming. Did you just tell me that you want to be my boyfriend?” says Melinda nervously laughing. Melinda slowly nods her head, Yes. Victor hugs Melinda and Melinda walks to her car and drives home. She didn't know that Vanessa is spying on her and Victor.

The next morning around 8:00AM Vanessa is knocking on Melinda's door at her parents home. Melinda hears the door and looks out the window. She couldn't believe that Vanessa is at her parents home this early. Melinda runs downstairs to the door before her parents wakes up. Melinda is still sleepy, she opens the door and asks, “Do you know what time it is? Why are you here?” “Yes, I know what time it is. I need to talk to you,” says Vanessa. “This couldn't wait until later. Like, this better be important,” says Melinda yawning. Melinda goes outside with Vanessa and stands there to listen to what Vanessa has to say. Vanessa says, “Look, we are friends and I love you but I feel like you stepped on my heart because you went out with Victor last night after work. You know, I like him. He suppose to be mine. You are too goofy and childish to have a boyfriend. Victor is older than you and more mature. Why would he want a woman who still does childish things? I am a real woman and I am the type he needs.” Melinda immediately wakes up and says, “You can't be serious. First, how did you know we hung out?” “I followed you,” says Vanessa. “And you called me childish. You are following people. Look, I am who I am. I'm not going to change for anyone. I love cartoons, I love playing video games, I love people, I love being a big kid and I love being goofy. This is me. I love staying positive. What is wrong with that? Nothing...I am not you...I am me,” says Melinda. Vanessa replies back, “Whatever”and walks to her car and yells, “I WILL GET HIM!” Vanessa gets into her car and leaves. Melinda goes back to bed.

The next day at work Victor and Melinda is in the breakroom laughing. Vanessa walks in and says, “Victor, she is too immature. Why do you like her? I like you. I am more of a woman. You are like 26 and I am 29 we are perfect together.” Victor stops laughing and says, “Vanessa, I like Melinda because she is outgoing, goofy, funny and unique. She is herself. She reminds me of myself. I love watching cartoons and playing video games. I love being goofy. I would never date someone like you.” Vanessa didn't know what to say. Victor starts to walk out of the breakroom and he turns around and grabs Melinda's hand and says, “Come on. You don't need to be around this negativity.” Melinda stares at Vanessa and walks out with Victor.

Melinda and Victor started dating. Vanessa quits her job at “The World” and finds a new job.


You have to accept yourself fully, both your strengths and weaknesses therefore, live life without regrets or apology. To own yourself is have integrity for yourself.

Being who you are means full contentment with everything is going on right now. Don't worry about the future or the past, but realize that the moment you're in right now is a gift. Life is to short to be someone other than yourself!


Be who you are. Don't change for anyone. You are different. If a person want you to change for them, he or she is not the person you need in your life. Be true to yourself.