As Long As You Stay Humble..Great Things Can Happen...


Heaven's Future - SCENARIO:

Heaven is a 37 years old African American, who lives life everyday as a blessing. She has a tough time keeping jobs and she doesn't have a place to stay permanently but she always keeps a smile on her face. Heaven is very humble and positive about life even though she doesn't have much.

Every morning Heaven goes to a restaurant called “Breakfast Everyday.” She knows the owners very well and the owners loves Heaven. Heaven does odd jobs for the owners to make some money like sweep & mop the floor, clean the restrooms or wipe down tables. Heaven has been helping the owners for over 9 years. The owners sometimes helps Heaven and pay for hotel rooms so she can have a place to stay. When Heaven was growing up she had a rough childhood and now she is having a rough adulthood. She has been married three times and all of her three ex-husbands were abusive. Heaven is blessed to be alive and she doesn't take anything for granted.

One afternoon Heaven is walking on the sidewalk headed to the restaurant and she sees a man yelling her name. Heaven didn't know the man therefore, she continues to walk towards the restaurant. When she arrives at the restaurant the man catches up with Heaven. The man was out of breath and says, “Heaven, it was so hard to find you.” Heaven was confused because she didn't know why the man was searching for her. Heaven asks, “Who are you? Why are you trying to find me?” “Oh, I am your ex-husband's lawyer,” says the man. “Ok, but what does his lawyer have to do with me,” says Heaven. “Can we talk?” asks the man. “I guess,” says Heaven. Heaven and the man walks in the restaurant and take a sit at a booth. Heaven still look confused. The man says, “Well, Heaven your ex-husband Donald had a horrified accident about two months ago and he died on the scene. The reason why I'm searching for you is because he had a (Will) and your name was on the beneficiary to receive $250,000.” Heaven is shocked and starts to cry. She didn't know what to say. She is so confused because she thought that her ex-husband didn't care about her. The man says, “he also left a note.” Dear Heaven, I will always love you. I am truly sorry for all the things I have put you through when we were married. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I want you to enjoy every moment in your life and I will always love you. Love, Your Lover & Husband, Donald London. Heaven couldn't believe it. The man gives Heaven the check, stands up and walks out the door. Heaven is staring at the check and couldn't say a word.

A couple of months went by and Heaven is partners with the owners of “Breakfast Everyday.” Heaven bought her a townhouse and still enjoying every moment of her life. She loves her future and sees big dreams ahead.


If something is in store for you, it will happen to you in the future. None of us knew what lay in store.

Don't take life for granted: not to appreciate or not to realize how much something means to you. - Don't take your life for granted; it is so precious.


Life is so precious. You can't take it for granted. You have to live every moment to the fullest. You never know what the future holds so you live your life. You have a great future...LIVE IT..