A Positive Mindset


Lacy Changes Her Mindset - SCENARIO:

Jessica and her sister Lacy are totally opposite. Jessica is very positive, kind and she sees the greatness in everything and everybody. On the other hand, Lacy is argumentative, she doesn't like anyone and she thinks everyone has a motive.

One afternoon Jessica wanted to go to the mall to shop at her favorite shoe store called "Heels." She asks her sister if she wanted to go but her sister is so negative about the situation she decides to go by herself. When Jessica returns back from the mall she shows her sister the new heels that she bought from the store "Heels." Jessica says, "Lacy isn't these heels the best." Lacy replies back, "If you think so… they look like hooker heels. They are not all that. I wouldn't wear them." "OMG, Lacy you are so negative," says Jessica. "It's not being negative, its telling the truth," Lacy replies back. Jessica walks away from Lacy with her heels in her hand and goes to her bedroom and slams the door. Lacy laughs and sits down in the livingroom and watches TV.

The next morning they both are in the kitchen and Jessica tells Lacy good morning and Lacy didn't say anything back. They both got their breakfast and sits at the kitchen table. They started to eat and Jessica recieves a phone call from her boyfriend. Jessica answers the phone and tells her boyfriend she is eating breakfast and she will call him back later. Her boyfriend tells Jessica he loves her and Jessica tells him she loves him too. While Jessica is on the phone with her boyfriend Lacy is looking disgusted with a frown on her face. Jessica hangs up the phone, glances at her sister and starts to eat. She asks, "Why are you looking like that?" "I'm looking like this because you are telling that boy you love him. Why? You only been dating him for 8 months," says Lacy. "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? We are in love. How are you going to tell me how I feel?" says Jessica. "I'm just saying," says Lacy. Jessica couldn't take it that Lacy is always negative. Jessica starts to feel a little upset with her sister. She calms herself down and she looks at her sister. Jessica is thinking to herself that she should tell her sister how she feels. She turns to Lacy and she says, "Lacy, I do not know why you are so negative. We have a great life, great parents and we were raised very well. You have to start being positive. When you are positive, positive things will happen. I know you had some tough times but you have to learn to overcome that and think about the positive. It's a choice." Lacy listens to her sister then Lacy replies back, "Look, I'm protecting my heart so I want get hurt by anyone." "Well, I understand that but you have to have a mindset to change your way of thinking but promise me that you want be negative towards me, I am your sister" says Jessica. Lacy was thinking about what Jessica is saying to her. Lacy stands up from the kitchen table and takes her plate to the sink. She turns around and says, "I'll try to do better, I promise"and walks away.

The next day Jessica is listening to a positive podcast in her bedroom and Lacy walks by. When Lacy walks by she hears the podcast. She goes in Jessica's bedroom and asks, "What are you listening to?" Jessica replies back, Keepin It Real w/Caramel "As We Say 100." Lacy asks, "Can I listen with you?" Jessica couldn't believe that Lacy wants to spend time with her. Jessica smiles with over excitement. "Sure, yes.. yes," says Jessica. Lacy sits beside Jessica and says, "Sis, I do love you. That's all you get." "I love you too" Jessica replies back. They both laughed and continued to listening to the podcast.



Consisting in or characterized by the presence or possession of features or qualities rather than their absence.

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.... Having a positive mindset means making positive thinking a habit, continually searching for the silver lining and making the best out of any situation you find yourself in.


You have your own mindset. You have a choice to be positive. The best is to have a positive attitude, mindset and energy. You will get a better result. Positive equals positive. When you have a bad day or going through something just remember you have tomorrow to have a better day.