A Mother's Unconditional Love..


When Donnell's Life Turns Around - SCENARIO:

Donnell Whitman is a 34 years old man who had struggles in life. When Donnell was 12 years old, he started to get into trouble. His father died of cancer, a year before Donnell turned 12. His father was Donnell's role model. He loved his father and he wanted to be just like his father. When Donnell's father died he became angry with the world. His mother was suffering because she didn't know what to do with her son. Donnell's mother tried talking to him but nothing she said seems to matter.

At the age of 14, Donnell started hanging with the wrong group of friends that was in his neighborhood. He felt like he needed a father figure and he found that within his older friends. His mother tried several times to help Donnell but he rejected her. Donnell was hanging out late nights or he didn't come home at all. Donnell's mother turned to many people for help but she never received any help from anyone. Donnell's mother prayed and prayed for her son. She wanted the best for her son. She knew her son is hurting because his father passed away. Donnell didn't know how to express himself so he expressed himself by getting into trouble.

When Donnell turned 18 years old, he stole a car with a woman inside the car. The police arrested Donnell and he was placed in jail. Donnell called his mother to help him, she immediately came to his rescue. Donnell was charged with burglary and kidnapping. His mother went to the jail to speak with her son. His mother pleaded with her son and said, “Son, I love you. You can't keep going through this son. You can't keep getting into trouble. You have to turn your life around. Your father is watching over you and he wants you to do better.” Donnell glance as his mother and said, “Ma, I'll try to do better.” Donnell's mother knew exactly what that means. She was disappointed because she knew in her heart that her son gave up. After they finished talking she helped Donnell to be released from jail. A week later Donnell had to go to court but unfortunately, he didn't show up. His mother was hurt and very disappointed. She couldn't believe that her son would do that to her. She still showed up in court and explained to the Judge what had happened. As she was explaining to the Judge she was crying and begging the court that she needed help with her son. The Judge ordered a warrant for Donnell's arrest. When Donnell's mother left the court, she is heartbroken and she was hoping her son come home.

Six years later, Donnell was 24 years old and they finally arrested Donnell and placed him back in jail. Donnell had a bad record and the Judge gave Donnell three years. Donnell's mother was devastated because she lost her husband and her son. Even though, her son is there physically she lost him emotionally, mentally and spiritually. His mother goes to visit Donnell often. She send him letters and she received phone calls. His mother was determine to solve Donnell's problem. Everytime, Donnell would call his mother, she gave him spiritual messages and when his mother writes to Donnell, she would mail him scriptural letters. She did this the whole three years Donnell was in jail.

Three years is over and Donnell did his time in jail. When he was released from jail, he had to be on probation for another three years. While Donnell was on probation, he tried to make his mother happy and stay on the right path. He struggled within himself to stay out of trouble. His friends came over and try to convince him to go out with them. Donnell's mother was upset with his friends but she knew that Donnell had to make his own decisions. Donnell remembered all the letters, calls and visits his mother done for him and his friends was never there for him. He rejected his friends and stayed home with his mother. When his friends left he told his mother to take a sit. His mother sat down and he said, “Ma, I love you so much for sticking by me and never giving up on me. I know, I haven't been the best son. I have put you through things that I shouldn't have and I'm sorry Ma. I miss Dad so much that I didn't know how to express myself or didn't know how to talk to someone about it. I apologize to you Ma. I thought my friends would be there for me but they wasn't you were there for me.” Tears started to rolling down Donnell's face. His mother wiped his tears and said, “Donnell, you are my son. I love you unconditionally and no matter what, I will protect my son. I knew you were fighting your demons because you missed your father. I miss him too. He was and still is the love of my life. I will be here for you always son. Your father is always with you. You may not see him physically but spiritually he is your protector. You have to have a deeper relationship with God. He is the only one who can help and save you.” His mother started crying and Donnell hugs his mother and kissed her on the forehead. That day he had a deeper and a better connection with God.

Donnell is 34 years old and his life has changed extremely since 7 years ago. He is focus on God and his mother passed away two years ago. When his mother passed away, he knew he had to stay connected to God to stay on the right track. He promised his mother that he is going to be the man his father wanted him to be. Donnell has a daughter, a son and a wife of 4 years. They love each other very much. His wife knows about Donnell's past and she supports him with everything he does. Donnell teaches his children about God and how its a wonderful feeling when you know he is watching over you. He also talks about his father and mother to his children. Donnell keeps himself away from trouble and focus on his family.


As you build your relationship with God, your trust and faith are rewarded with spiritual strength, love, knowledge, and peace. You can experience the beauty and benefits of your divine relationship with God, our Creator, for yourself.


Everyone goes through problems. We can not control situations that we go through. We are not in control. We can walk away from our problems but when we walk away from our problems, they are still there. This allows you to have a deeper connection with God. A better relationship with him. This is your opportunity to release and let God take control of any problems or situations you may have. Its time to have a better understanding that we are not behind the wheel driving our lives. God has the control.