A Different Direction..


Cassie Life Changes - SCENARIO

Cassie is having a rough time dealing with her life. It seems like everything is going wrong for Cassie. Cassie decided to move to Atlanta to pursue her career. She always dreamed to become an actress and a model. Cassie gives up everything to move to Atlanta. Cassie didn't finish college, she quit her job and broke up with her boyfriend. Her parents didn't want Cassie to leave Virginia but Cassie left anyway. Cassie thought that Atlanta would be easy for her but she is having a very hard time. She couldn't find herself an apartment now she is living in a women's shelter. She doesn't have enough money for food so Cassie calls her parents to give her money every week. Cassie goes to many auditions and casting calls and gets rejected.

One day Cassie is going to an audition and she is super nervous because since she has been in Atlanta, she has been rejected from all auditions and casting calls. Cassie is walking and thinking if she should go but she decides to try even though this may be another rejection. She walks in the building and she signs in. Cassie is looking around the room and she sees so many people. Cassie takes a sit. Cassie is sitting next to a young lady that she have seen before at an audition. "Hey, I have seen you before," says the young lady. Cassie replies back, "Yea, last week at the shoe commercial." The young lady smiles and says, "Yes, now I remember. Did you get a part? I did." Cassie didn't say anything she just nods her head, No. Before the young lady could say anything back to Cassie, the Director walks out. The Director explains to everyone about the audition and starts calling names one by one. The young lady sitting next to Cassie name is called, she stands up and look back at Cassie and says, "Good luck seems like you need it." She smiles and walk away. Cassie just stares at her and didn't say a word. Cassie is getting really nervous. All of a sudden, she hears her name. "Cassie," says the Director. Cassie stands up and walks over towards the Director. "Hey, Cassie my name is Chloe and I am the Director of CLL. I am based out of California and I am looking for someone who has it all. So, I am ready when you are" says the Director.

Cassie is overwhelmed because she wants to do great. Cassie starts her audition. She sing, dance, model and act for the Director. After Cassie is finished the Director says, "Thank you for auditioning and I will give you a call if you are a good fit." Cassie feels very emotional she replies back, "Thank you." Cassie leaves and heads back to the women's shelter.

A couple of days went by and Cassie feels she should just give up. She calls her parents to let them know she is ready to come home. As soon as she hangs up the phone with her parents, she receives a call. "Hello, May I speak with Cassie," says the Director. Cassie is clueless who is calling her. Cassie replies back, "This is Cassie." The Director is excited and says, "Cassie, I am so excited to tell you that you made the audition. I am also excited to tell you, we would love your face on my brand. This includes you moving to California, you will have an agent, we will pay for your apartment for a year, and you will be making approximately six figures a year. I just love your style." Cassie was shocked she is so nervous but she gets herself together and says, "Yes." The Director replies back, "Awesome. We will send you all the details. We will see you in California in a few days." They both hung up the phone. Cassie couldn't believe it and started crying with excitement. She immediately calls her parents and tells them what had happened. They were so proud and happy for Cassie.

A couple of days later Cassie is headed to California This is what Cassie always dreamed her life would be. Cassie becomes one the top actress and model. Cassie is living her dream.


Don't let rejection stop you.

The next time you're turned down for a date, audition, casting call or don't get that job you applied to, remind yourself that rejection happens to everyone — and instead of allowing yourself to be devastated and beat down, ask yourself what you can do going forward.

How to Deal With Rejection

*Know that rejection is pain, according to science

*Allow yourself time to process your hurt feelings

*Heal your bruised ego by listing what makes you great

*Examine your own role in why you got rejected

*Don't beat yourself up about the role you played in your rejection, though


When you get rejected, you are getting redirected to something better. Remember everyone gets rejected just prepare yourself to move forward. Being rejected should make you stronger. Don't get upset just focus on bigger and better.